Best Most Popular Smart Phones of 2017-Details in Urdu & English

Top Rated & Most Popular Smart Phones of 2017-Details in English and Urdu 
This world has become a smart phone world. Each single person carries a smart phone in his hand. Our maximum tasks and emails, assignments and replies, reminders and important notifications and alerts are managed by these phones. So far in 2017, we came across many good quality smart phones. Some of these models fail to satisfy us but some of the smart phone models really come up on our expectations. UK source Telegraph has given ranking to the most popular smart phones for year 2017.

Google Pixel Series
Both of these phones have screen size of 5 inches and 5.5 inches. Their camera is of 12 megapixel. It is their exceptional camera quality that makes these smart phones most popular and famous phones for year 2017. This phone series battery has a talk time of 26 hours. This is another plus point of this series. You can talk with friends up to the limit of 26 hours and its battery can give you this much maximum talk time. Its other features are Google Digital Assistant. You can store unlimited photos and videos in this phone series. It has an Android operating system.

Huawei P10
This smart phone model is similar in style and design likewise Huawei P9 was! In terms of price, this phone is quite cheaper as compared to the prices of Samsung Galaxy S series and Iphone models. Features of this phone give tough competition to the models of Samsung Galaxy S series and iPhone models. Its screen size is of 5.2 inches. It has full high definition display.

One Plus 5
It is one of the best designed, smartly designed smart phones. It is quite slim in its design. It has an aluminum body. This phone has a dual rear camera. This phone can give full and complete high definition resolution display. One Plus 5 smart phone is giving competition to Samsung Galaxy S8 model. Its price is competitive and it is way cheaper and 50% less in price than the price of Samsung Galaxy S8 model.

Special feature of this smart phone is its pressure sensitive sensors. Through this feature, you can open and close files, take pictures, record videos by putting pressure of your thumb on this phone screen. This pressure sensitive sensor feature is only available in iPhone, Samsung and Huawei smart phones.

Its screen is of 5.7 inches. It has 13 mega pixel camera which is one of the greatest features of this smart phone. Great and fine quality pictures are taken from this smart phone camera.

Galaxy S8 Series
It is the most beautifully designed smart phone. It is water and dust resistant. Its internal storage is of 64 GB. This phone hence give fast and quick performance.
Which smart phone you will pick and try for yourself? We have listed best smart phones so far for this year 2017. Updated ranking will be shared sooner. Try these popular phones and make a smart use of them.

Best Most Popular Smart Phones of 2017-Details in Urdu & English

Best Most Popular Smart Phones of 2017-Details in Urdu & English

Best Most Popular Smart Phones of 2017-Details in Urdu & English

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