BZU Lahore Sub Campus Scandal 2014

Breaking- Bahauddin Zakariya University BZU Lahore Sub campus Scandal 2014
As per daily Nai Baat report Bahauddin Zakariya University Lahore campus has started many new programs without the permission of Higher Education Commission. Now HEC is not validating and attesting the degrees of many students who completed their degrees from BZU Lahore campus. Future of hundreds of students is on stake. As per media report this campus showed from very beginning that it is approved by HEC. But from the day one it was an illegal campus as neither HEC has approved it nor the accreditation committee of HEC has cleared the campus after official visit. By law it is illegal to start any program without the permission of HEC. On HEC site only DG Khan, Sahiwal and Layyah campuses of BZU Multan have been mentioned as authorized sub campuses.

Recommended Steps

If the media report is true then Higher Education Commission is also responsible for this as this campus was running in the capital of Punjab province and full page ads by the administration were published in the newspapers. Now its a serious matter and HEC should accommodate the current students by validating their degrees. Students should also verify the status of institution by HEC before getting admission in any course.

Higher Education Commission must make it sure that all the universities must publish their NOC number issued by HEC in all their newspaper ads. Its not just one case there are large number of unauthorized sub campuses of different universities are working all over the country. We appeal to HEC to take immediate action against such sub campuses as its the job of Higher Education Commission and thousands of students are becoming the pray of this mafia every day. You can can read the details about BZU Lahore sub campus scandal 2014 in Urdu in the newspaper ad cutting below this page. Stay in touch with us for latest alerts about scandals in different educational institutions.

BZU Lahore Sub Campus Scandal 2014

BZU Lahore Sub Campus Scandal 2014



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