Career & Scope of Paramedical Courses-List, Jobs, Employment Area & Eligibility Criteria

Career & Scope of Paramedical Courses in Pakistan & Abroad-List, Jobs, Employment Area & Eligibility Criteria
Paramedical staff has become an essential part of modern healthcare system. They assist the doctors in hospitals, operation theaters, private clinics and pathological labs. No hospital can be run without paramedics. Basically paramedics are healthcare technicians who assist the physicians for performing different kinds of technical tasks. There is a great demand of qualified paramedical staff all over the world. Majority of paramedics work in two shifts. In morning they perform their duty in government hospitals and in evening they work in private hospitals, labs and clinics. Large number of paramedics migrate to Middle East and Western countries after getting practical experience of few years.

Career & Scope of Paramedical Courses-List, Jobs, Employment Area & Eligibility Criteria

Career & Scope of Paramedical Courses-List, Jobs, Employment Area & Eligibility Criteria

List of Most Popular Paramedical Courses in Pakistan
1-Medical Laboratory Technology
2-Operation Theater Technology
3-Radiology & Imaging Technology
3-Dialysis Technology
4-Dispenser Course
5-Pharmacy Assistant
7-Dental Assistant
9-Anesthesia Technician
10-X-Ray Technician
11-Medical Technician
12-Physiotherapy Technician
13-Dental Hygienist
14-MRI Technician
15-CT Scan Technician
16-Laboratory Technician
18-Primary Health Care Technician
19-Medical Assistant
20-Sanitary Inspector
21-ECG Technician
22-Midwifery Course
23-Ultrasound Technician
24-Audiometry Technician
25-Optometry Technician
26-Bio medical Technician

All these courses have great demand in the job market of healthcare sector due to their professional nature. We suggest that paramedics should continue their studies even after getting the job of their choice. I know many paramedics who have got FTJ and DHMS diplomas and now they are running their own clinics in the evening. These two are most recommended courses for you. We have written detailed articles on both these diplomas. You must read those articles for more information and guidance. Those who want to work in a pathological laboratory must go for diploma in MLT or HSSC in MLT. Those who want to open their own medical store must go for B-Category course.
Eligibility Criteria For Paramedical Courses
You must have passed matriculation exam with science subjects i.e Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Applicants must have got second division in matric with 45% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. In Punjab PMF (Punjab Medical Faculty) and SDC (Skill Development Council) conduct and regulate the paramedical education. SDC even offers distance learning courses too. FSc premedical students are given preference in admission for paramedical courses.

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