Career & Scope of Theology or Religious Studies

Career & Scope of Theology or Religious Studies in Pakistan & Abroad
Theology is a logical study of God and his relation with his creations. You may also call it the study of divine things and religions or religious studies. Only divine religions like Judaism, Christianity and Islam present the concept of God. A truth finder must study Theology objectively without having any prejudice about any religion otherwise he can never reach on a right destination/ Its a fact that now even secular persons are taking interest in the concept of a creator as evolution theory has been proven wrong. It has also be proven that our universe was created by some one. Pious soils are in the search of that holy creator. Its a subject for curious non Muslims who want discover the ultimate reality.

Career & Scope of Theology or Religious Studies

Career & Scope of Theology or Religious Studies

You will be taught comparative study of religions in this subject which will help you in finding the ultimate truth. Here i want to clear on all my readers that researchers have proved that concept of God was same from the day one of man on earth and all evolutionary theories about evolutionary concept of God are 100 % wrong. Same is the situation with the evolution of religion on earth. Islam was the first religion on earth and its the last safe religion on earth.

Holy book of the Muslim presents the solutions of all human problems. Its one and only unchanged holy book of any divine religion on earth. You have right to argue with me and do research on this topic. Finding of your research will definitely match with my claims. Its an open challenge by admin of You guys may get job in academia, research institutes, publishing houses, print and electronic media If you will just study your own religion deeply then studying Theology will be useless for you. Large majority of the human beings are still in the search of ultimate reality and truth. You may guide them by sharing your experiences and arguments.

Its also a fact that Theology has become most popular subject in Western countries as people of these countries are lacking mental satisfaction. They are in search of real truth. Muslims who have got the degree in Theology must stay in Western counties for spreading Islam. There is a need to guide the Western people that why Islam is the voice of human inner self. Stay in touch with and its social pages for guidance about different subjects related to religions.

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