Final Brotherly Advice to All Copy Cat Websites

Final Brotherly Advice to All Copy Cat Websites

Brotherly Final Legal Notice and Warning to Copy Cat Websites
We know that you will be surprised to see the title of this post. In fact we try to warn many educational website for not coping our articles but they are not understanding the gravity of this issue. When some educational website copy any other website’s article the affected party’s ranking is affected in Google’s search. Would you believe that not a single, yes not a single educational website publishes original and unique articles. All of them are copy cats. They copy articles from Indian and from other countries websites. We have compiled complete data base of their copied articles. But its their act we have nothing to do with it. Few days before we noticed that lot of other national and international websites are coping our material.

We warned them all through a notice on our website but still many websites are coping our articles because due to your great taste our articles are getting popularity in masses specially in student community. We are suffering due to this situation but we believe that every one has right to earn money but coping articles of such a site which is not commercial site primarily. Our main objective is to provide the solution of study related problems of students. We do not need any credit for this but we can not continue our services if some other site will snatch our readers. Some sites are giving us back links while other are just mentioning name of our website. If you really want to reproduce any article of us legally then give us back link and clearly mention that you are taking that article from
We publish just original and unique articles because we believe that only original work has long lasting life and by coping any one can just get temporary benefit. But it is a matter of pride for us that not only local but also international websites are coping our articles which show the standard of your own website. We are also thankful to our readers as without their great interest it was not possible for us to get such a status in global ranking . I the admin of this website is a senior advocate of high court and it is not a hard task for me to take strict legal action against copy cat sites. But i hope that you people not compel me do so.

Brotherly Final Warning to Copy Cat Websites Final Brotherly Advice to All Copy Cat Websites

We could not sustain the speed of our article posting for some time due to transfer of our hosting account and many sites thought that we have left the field but i want to clear this on all copy cat sites that we are here and our technical problem has been fixed. When some one takes any job or task as a mission, Almighty Allah also helps him and by the grace of Almighty Allah we have come back with the same passion and commitment. So do not copy our articles otherwise we shall send you legal notices, inform Google about your malpractices and even publish your website’s name on But believe me that i do not want to do so, so give us full due credit if you reproduce our any article.

Stay Blessed Always
Your Well Wisher
Admin Study Advocate High Court
Chief Editor of Monthly Magazine of Lawyers
Ex gazetted government Officer
Principal of a Private Officer Academy