Final & Official Map of Pak China Economic Corridor Route

Current Affairs – Final & Official Map of China Pakistan Economic Corridor Route
We welcome the students of CSS, PMS and PCS on our website who are interested in reading the articles on current affairs, international relations and international politics. Lot of rumors are being spread on social media and newspaper about Pak China economic corridor route. Many political parties have also raised objection on the proposed Pak China economic corridor route.

It seems that a organized campaign is launched against this great project. RAW has allocated budget of 30 crore dollars to sabotage the China Pakistan economic corridor project. This huge amount is being distributed among local agents of RAW, bloggers and social media experts. These bloggers and social media experts are posting fake maps of Pak China economic corridor route to mislead the people of Pakistan. That’s why we have decided to publish the map of final & official Pak China economic corridor route on our website.

This map has been published by government of Pakistan in all national newspapers, that’s why its final and official route. Prime Minister of Pakistan has called an all parties conference on 13th May, 2015 to remove the objections of political parties on Pak China economic corridor route. Now an parliamentary committee has also been formed to discuss the issue deeply. China Pakistan economic corridor has become the lifeline of Pakistan that’s why we personally request all political parties to remove their differences on this issue for the sake of nation and our beloved country.

This project is a game changer element in Asia. Not only India but also Iran, UK, USA, UAE, Singapore, Israel and many anti Pakistan states are opposing this project, Now i want to make it clear to all of you that when ever Pakistan and China decided to complete a project, even no super power could resist it. Hopefully history will be repeated now. ANP will never be able to make this project a new Kala bagh. Its a challenge by a patriot Pakistani. I also make an appeal to PPP, JI, JUI, nationalist parties of Baluchistan and specially PTI not to play politics on this project. Now when it is crystal clear that China Pakistan economic corridor can change the fate of Pakistan then we people should support government in this regard. I am not a member of PML (N) at all but i know that its a national project and we need to show solidarity on this project. Visit daily for reading the articles on international politics, current affairs, foreign affairs and international politics.

Final & Official Map of Pak China Economic Corridor Route

Final & Official Map of Pak China Economic Corridor Route


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