Geology Jobs, Introduction, Branches, Salary, Career & Scope

Geology Jobs, Career, Scope, Duties, Tips, Areas of Specializations, Branches, Definition and Salary 
Geology is basically an earth science which deals with solid features of not only earth but also other celestial bodies like Mercury, Venus, Moon and Mars. Students of all underdeveloped countries should study Geology for exploring the minerals in their countries. Geology can change the fate of third world countries. Wet is exploiting the Asian and African countries in the name of exploring the minerals but now the wake up time has come for all thee countries. My beloved county Pakistan has also unlimited resources of minerals but due to lack of required human resource and technology we are unable to discover/explore our hidden and even known mineral resources. Do you know that Western countries are still the main beneficiaries of mineral resources of Muslim countries just due to our negligence towards Geology.

Geology is a science of visualization and creativity. Those who want to do some thing for their country and society must study it. Imagine just for a minute that you explore oil, gas or any other mineral for your country. Is there any other better feeling in this world for a man with a cause in life. Travelling lovers travel to distant places of the world and enjoy their life while working. Remember that subject choice is your privilege, you have right to decide about your career path but your studies should be beneficial for society.

Geology Jobs, Introduction, Branches, Salary, Career & Scope

Geology Jobs, Introduction, Branches, Salary, Career & Scope

Geology Jobs, Salary, Career & Scope  
Geological department of government
Oil and gas exploration companies
Meteorological department
Education department
Geological survey companies
Space exploring Companies
Publishing Houses
Construction Companies
Media Houses
Mineral exploring Companies
The starting salary of a Geologist is at least two times higher than an engineer or accountant with a five years experience specially in gas and petroleum sector. In short a true geologist can easily support his family in the best way. Developed countries welcome Geologists with 16 years of education. They also offer easy immigration to such individuals but we do not recommend you this option at all.

What geologists Do?
1-They study the structure, composition and history of the earth’s rocky crust and interior surface.
2-They discover mineral and water hidden in upper part of earth crust.
3-They prepare geologic surveys for digging purpose.
4-Geologists also perform mapping operations and determine the suitability of digging sites.
5-Geologists work as consultant with construction companies.
6-They prepare the historical data about volcanic activities, earth quakes, erosion, glaciation and seismic shifts.
7-Preparation of different kinds of geographical maps.
8-Research and theorizing about the history and formation of different types of rocks.
9-They give professional advice for the construction of dams, tunnels, bridges and skyscrapers.
10-Being teachers they prepare new Geo scientists.
11-He may also predict about earthquake and volcanic eruption with the help of geological instruments.

Areas of Specialization and Branches of Geology
Here is the list of some famous areas of specialization and branches of Geology. We always recommend our visitors to chose the area of their specialization according to their aptitude or interest. Here i also want to make it clear on our readers that in this field you need to get at least MS or MPhil level degree for better future prospects.
Geological modelling
Marine geology
Petroleum geology
Engineering geology
Environmental geology
Earth science
Economic geology
Mining geology
Isotope geochemistry
Plate tectonics
Historical geology
Soil science
Structural geology


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