High Blood Pressure Symptoms, Causes & Treatment Tips in Urdu & English

Complete Information About High Blood Pressure Disease Like  Symptoms, Causes, Treatment Tips in Urdu & English Languages
Here we will talk about the main line of symptoms as well as causes of high blood pressure and the ways to treat it. Check out all of these informative details in a careful manner. For the information, this term high blood pressure, it is a common kind of condition which is mostly present among females. In this particular condition, your blood gets pressurized against the walls of your arteries. Because of this health issue, you get into heart disease as well. Another term which we use for this health issue, it is hypertension. Your blood vessels gets damaged and also your heart remains in the risky zone. If you will remain to have uncontrolled amount of high blood pressure then you might be involve in the heart attack risk zone.

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure
If you are having a headache, if there is a shortness of breath in you then these are one of the major signs of having high blood pressure.
If your nose gets to bleed then you should count it as a sign of hypertension. Most of the individuals who reaches to age of 18- 39, they are involve in this health issue.

Causes of High Blood Pressure
First we have this primary hypertension type and this high blood pressure types tends and mainly develop over many years of time frame. Then we have another type of BP and it is called secondary hypertension type. This BP problem occurs when an individual gets involve in some underlying health condition. This BP type appears on a sudden note and basis.
It is because of kidney problems and adrenal gland tumors, it is also because of obstructive kind of sleep patterns that you face high blood pressure issues. If you have a thyroid problem or if there are certain types of defects in your blood vessels then note that this BP problem will start to take birth in your body.
If you are into illegal drugs usage, if you are an alcoholic person, then there are many chances that you will enter into high blood pressure zone.

Treatment to Control High Blood Pressure
You should not be overweight. If you are having obesity issues then you cannot control this BP issue of yours. You have to remain physically active. If you are an inactive person then you will be having higher heart rate.
You should not use tobacco. You should avoid smoking and avoid not to chew tobacco. These items are going to instantly increase your BP level. Then in your diet, you should not have extreme in-take of sodium salt. Because of extreme usage of salt, fluid will remain retained in your body and it will be impossible for you to control your BP.
You should not be drinking alcohol. And moreover, you should not take stress. This stress and tension will make a drastic increase in your BP level.

High Blood Pressure Symptoms, Causes & Treatment Tips in Urdu & English

High Blood Pressure Symptoms, Causes & Treatment Tips in Urdu & English

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