Interesting Facts & Figures About Internet Users

Interesting Facts & Figures About Internet Users in The World 
As per latest research conducted by McKinsey & Company about 4.5 billion people of the world have no access to internet even in the current era of communication revolution. Out of this 4.4 billion offline people 3.2 billion people live in just 20 countries. Half of the offline people i.e about 2 billion people live in just 10 countries. 1/4 of offline people belong to shining India while in china 730 million people have no access to internet. Even in USA about 50 million people are included in this unlucky group. 89% of Pakistani population is also offline.

From percentage point of view Myanmar is at the top with 99.5 percent internet deprived persons. Ethiopia is at number two with 98%, Tanzania is at third position with 95%. It seems unbelievable that Pakistan is at number six in spite of too much boom in communication field during last few years. Bangladesh is also at number five position.

Although about 2.7 billion people are now online but still about 60% population of the world is offline. 64% of offline population of the world live in villages where internet is taken as a luxury. Specially in India 45 percent of the total population have no electricity then how they can even think of access to internet. In Myanmar and some other countries government is biggest hurdle between common man and world wide web. In some conservative societies females are not given access net. Illiteracy, elderly and low income are also they key factors which do not allow people to use net. Internet has become the biggest source of information and knowledge in the world and there is need to remove barriers to internet adoption.

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Interesting Facts & Figures About Internet Users

Interesting Facts & Figures About Internet Users

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