Invisibility Becomes Reality-Become Harry Potter & Mr India in Real Life

Learn The Science of Becoming Invisible (Cloaking)- Thought Provoking Idea For Science Students
Man has been dreaming of becoming invisible since pre history period. Sindbad had a blanket through which he became invisible when ever he was in trouble. Harry Potter movies and Indian block buster movie Mr India also reflect this desire of man. But now soon this dream will become a reality. Again science is helping us in this regard not the magic.

Scientists of University of Rochester in New York have invented a ‘invisibility cloak’ with the help of combination of optical lenses. Professor John Howell named this technique ‘The Rochester Cloak’. Cloaking is a technique through which a solid object can be disappeared(Hide). Many scientists were working on cloaking and they had invented some techniques of cloaking too but not a single one of them was three dimensional simple and cheap. While ‘The Rochester Cloak’ disappears the thing three dimensionally and it was prepared in just 1000$. It can be made with the help of series of just 4 lenses and this invisibility cloak device can hide any thing.

This technique can be helpful in surgery designing and military purpose. Its military use will be very drastic. Criminals can too use it. You can make this device at home in just 100 $. Click the link given below for learning the whole technique. Its our request to Science students and military circles of country to learn this technique as it would be very beneficial for defense purpose. Professor John Howell and his doctoral student Joseph Choi are quite confident that their technique can be used for at larger scale too and big objects can also be disappeared through it in near future.

Click Here To Learn The Method of Making Your Own Cloaking Device 

Invisibility Becomes Reality-Become Harry Potter & Mr India in Real Life

New invisibility cloak device

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Invisibility Becomes Reality-Become Harry Potter & Mr India in Real Life


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