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1-First ruler who accepted Islam was king of Habesha (Modern Ethiopia) .
2-First battle for cause of Islam was battle of Badr which was fought in Ramadan 2 AH.
3-First enemy killed in battle of Badar was Utba Bin Rabia.
4-First migrant to Madina was Hazrat Abu Siama r.a.
5.Masjid e Quba was first mosque in Islam,constructed in Rabi ul awwal 13 years after the prophethood.
6-Hazrat Abu Sufyan r.a was first who accepted Islam during the conquest of Makkah.
7-Charter of Madina was the first written constitution of the world.
8-First Muslim martyr in the battle of Badr was Hazrat Ubaidah ibn Haris r.a.
9-Hazrat KHadija was first woman who embraced Islam.
10-First Hajj in Islam was performed in 9 Hijrah under the leadership of Hazrat Abu Bakar r.a.
11-First battle fought outside Arabia was battle of Mouta.
12-Hazrat Ali r.a was first child who accepted Islam.
13-Zakat was made obligatory on 9 Hijrah.
14-Call for prayer (Azan) was introduced in 2 Hijrah.
15-Ramadan fasts were made obligatory in 2 Hijrah.
16-Battle of Uhud was fought on Shawwal 3, 4 Hijrah.
17-Battle of trench(Khandaq) was fought in 5 Hijrah.
18-First man who accepted Islam was Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique r.a.
19-Intoxicants were prohibited in 5 Hijrah.
20-Treaty of Hudaibiya was signed in 6 Hijrah.

Islamic Studies (Islamiyat) General Knowledge


Islamic Studies (Islamiyat) General Knowledge

21-Battle of Khyber was fought in 7 Hijrah.
22-Masjid e zerar was demolished in 9 Hijrah.
23-Hazrat Samia was the first martyr in Islam.
24-Caliph Abdul Malik constructed the Dome of Rock in Jerusalem.
25-There are 6666 verse in Holy Quran.
26-Hazrat Khadijah (mother of all Muslims) was first wife of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).
27-70 Muslims were martyred in battle of Uhud.
28-14 Muslims were martyred in battle of Badr.
29-Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique r.a.was first pious caliph.
30-Charter of Madinah was written 1 Hijrah.
31-Makkah is 400 km away from Madinah.
32-Hazrat Umar r.a was the second pious caliph.
33-Hazrat Abdullah was the father of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).
34-Arqam house was the first school in Islam.
35-Rachel was the mother of Hazrat Yousuf A.S.
36-Hazrat Zaid r.a was the only Sahabi whose name was mentioned in the Holy Quran.
37-Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqa was the first lady who was brought up from childhood in the Islamic surroundings.
38-Hazrat Usman r.a was the third pious caliph.
39-Haris-ibne-as-sama was the first and the only enemy who received wounds at the hands of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and died.
40-Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) visited heavens(Miraj) on 10th year of his prophethood.
41-Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed was the last commander in Chief in Ghzwa-e-Mautah.
42-Hazrat Ali r.a was the fourth pious caliph.
43-Hazrat Amina was the mother of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).
44-Hazrat Muhammad(PBUH) participated in Hilful Fuzul(a reformatory agreement) at the age of 16.
45-313 sahaba (companions of prophet) participated in battle of Badr.
46- 700 sahaba (companions of prophet) participated in battle of Uhud.
47-Abu jahl worst enemy of Islam was killed in battle of Badr.
48-Hazrat Hamza (uncle of prophet) was martyred in battle of Uhud.
49.Zulfiqar was name of Hazrat Muhammad(PBUH)’s sword.
50-Battle field of Uhud is three miles away from Madina.
51-Battle field of Badr is 80 miles away from Madina.
52-Hazrat Muhammad(PBUH) took part in the construction of two mosques i.e Masjid e Nabvi and Masjid e Quba.
53-Hazrat Abdul Muttalib was the grand father of Hazrat Muhammad(PBUH) and he died in 580 AD.
54-Hazrat Muhammad(PBUH) was born on 20 April 571 AD.
55-Hazrat Suleman AS was son of Hazrat Dawood AS.
56-Hazrat Muhammad(PBUH) took part in 28 battles(Ghazwat).
57-3000 Muslims took part in the battle of Trench.
58-Hazrat Muhammad(PBUH) delivered his last address on 10 Hijrah.
59-17 Muslims were martyred in battle of Khyber and 23 enemies were killed.
60-There are 323671 word in Holy Quran.

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