Latest About Imran Khan Wedding With Reham Khan-Mystery Solved?

According to Daily Mail’s report Imran Khan has tied the knot with Reham Khan, weather girl of BBC in spite of his family pressure. Couple has decided not to public the news of their wedding. But now Imran’s sister Aleema has denied the news of daily mail. According to her political rivals of PTI are spreading the false news about Imran Khan wedding. But rumors are still circulating as Imran just said in his recent tweet that media is exaggerating about his wedding. Journalists are saying that its not a clear cut deny. Dr Shahid Masood is also supporting rumors he said that Imran is neither denying nor admitting this news. Daily Nai Baat has also reported that Imran Khan is not taking a clear stance on this news.

This post was written on 1st January, 2015 on 2nd January Imran gave an statement to clear the situation but now dunya news has reported that great khan has not denied the news. He said that due to Peshawar incident it is not the time to discuss this issue.  He also added that nation should wait for suitable time as its a sensitive matter due to his 2 children. Mian Mehmood ul Rashid said that he will go to Islamabad to congratulate Imran. Shireen Mazari thinks that its personal issue of her leader. Journalists are insisting that now it has become an open secret.  But in our opinion mystery is still unresolved.

Unlike film actress Meera, (Thanks God that her proposal has not been accepted by Imran)  Reham Khan is a professional journalist. who has a transparent track record. She is 42 years old and has 3 sons. Her first marriage has broken. Her first husband was a doctor.She was born in Libya but her parents are of Pakistani origin. Earlier it was reported that Great Khan has agreed to marry again on the advice of renowned religious scholar Moulana Tariq Jameel. Imran himself announced in Dharna that he will marry after end of his current political campaign. Situation will be cleared soon that who will rule the heart of PTI chief.

Every one in Pakistan want to know the name of the next first lady of Pakistan because IK Niazi is the most popular public figure in the country. Facebook likes of Reham have increased dramatically during last two days due to rumours of her marriage with great Pakistani ex legend world cup winner and present head of PTI. It shows that people in Pakistan like any connected person with their leader. We do not know that why opponent parties are taking Imran Khan wedding news as a scandal because Imran has right to marry anyone. And nobody has right to criticize a public figure for his private life activities. Marriage is a sacred relation and Reham khan’s reputation is also not bad then why social media is creating hype about this news.  You can read the news in Urdu below this page, Stay in touch with us and our facebook id  for latest breaking news alerts.



Latest About Imran Khan Wedding With Reham Khan-Mystery Solved?

Latest About Imran Khan Wedding With Reham Khan-Mystery Solved?





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