Unbelievable & Shocking News of Daily Dunya About FPSC & CSS Exam

Breaking News- Daily Dunya Unveils Scandal About FPSC & CSS Exam 
I was shocked to read the news reported by Adnan Lodhi, education reporter of daily dunya that’s why i am sharing this news with you people. If its true then its a condemn-able act by FPSC. He reported that as per his sources in FPSC paper checkers are directed secretly by some rouge elements in FPSC to pass just 30 to 40 students from each packet of papers. According to dunya news some officers in Federal Public Commission has their own ideology about CSS exam and they are against of passing too much candidates in CSS written exam. Its a shocking and terrible news for all CSS exam seekers. If its true then its a clear cut murder of merit by FPSC, still we are unable to understand the philosophy behind this discriminating approach of officers of federal service commission.

Only 3.3% candidates could clear the CSS exam this year. Its an alarming percentage which also raised questions in the mind of test takers. That’s why many candidates have demanded to introduce screening test again. Some students also raised questions on paper marking Majority of students failed in the papers of English Essay and English composition. Last year FPSC notified that screening test of 100 marks will be taken of all CSS candidates and only the qualifiers of screening test would be allowed to appear in CSS written test but later on this decision was taken back without explaining reasons.

Senior professors are also in favor of screening test. But our point of view is different as if the news forwarded by Adnan Lodhi is true then an investigation should be carried out and such rouge elements must be punished. Otherwise they will continue their policy in spite of introducing screening test. FPSC is the only hope for meritorious students and its an issue of its reputation and credibility. Youth is already dishearten and such news may become the cause of revolution.

Sindh government has already taken back the powers of SPSC which is a wrong decision and now questions are raised about FPSC. Is this a conspiracy of private testing agencies or there is some reality behind this news. Being the custodian of students right we demand a free and fair inquiry on this issue. We have to prove that there is not jungle rule in Pakistan and being a lawyer of High Court i think that  our institution should not leave every thing on courts.  You can read the details in Urdu regarding unbelievable & shocking news of daily Dunya about FPSC & CSS exam in the newspaper ad cutting below this post. Stay in touch with your favorite website and its facebook page for latest news alerts.

Unbelievable & Shocking News of Daily Dunya About FPSC & CSS Exam


Unbelievable & Shocking News of Daily Dunya About FPSC & CSS Exam


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