What is WhatsApp Plus? Features, Legal Position and Threats

Comparison Between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus 
After the wonderful success of WhatsApp which is the most popular instant messaging application in the world now WhatsApp Plus has been launched. It is claimed that WhatsApp Plus has removed some deficiencies of traditional Whats App and some new exciting features has been included in this new app. You can customized this app in many ways. You can change the colors, sizes and many visual changes too. You can hide last scene option in it. Size of audio and video can be increased. Quality of images can also be improved. You can also select background of your choice to decorate your conversations.

Its really a best alternative of old WhatsApp which will give a personal and unique touch to your conversations. For installing new software, save the data of your old WhatsApp then uninstall the the old version as new version can not be installed with existing old version. in the last install the new version and experience the difference between old and new. This app is not available on Google play store as its not a legal application but you can download it from many other websites. Its icon color is blue rather than traditional green.

Disclaimer About WhatsApp Plus
Remember that WhatsApp Plus is not an official and legal application and it may come with a virus or any kind of data grabber software so installing it may be risky so do it on your own risk. If we compare the both applications we come to know that although traditional app misses some features but its safe and legal. Now its all depends upon you which one you prefer to use.

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What is WhatsApp Plus? Features, Legal Position and Threats

What is WhatsApp Plus? Features, Legal Position and Threats



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