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10 in 1 English Essay on My Hobby, Reading Books, My Favorite Book etc

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A hobby is something that we do for pleasure in our spare time. There is no monetary benefit in a hobby. This is the world of struggle and effort. Man has to toil the whole day for his survival. He usually gets tired of this labour. He needs a diversion from his daily routine. He tries to choose healthy and pleasant activities to refresh his mind. Such activities are called hobbies. Different people adopt different hobbies. There are many hobbies like gardening, stamp collecting, traveling, photography, hunting, painting, singing etc. which one adopts according to one’s taste and purse.

English Essay

10 in 1 English Essay on My Hobby, Reading Books, My Favorite Book etc

My hobby is different from others. I love reading books. The reading of books has a joy of its own. t broadens our mind and enlarges our knowledge. The pleasure get from reading is unique. Reading provides a matchless pleasure. It is full of many benefits. There are some hobbies which give pleasure but that may be harmful, costly and dangerous. But reading is a very healthy, useful and economical hobby. It gives pleasure which is desirable and preferable. I read story books, autobiographies, novels, encyclopedias, magazines newspapers etc. They enrich my knowledge and experience.

My father is a librarian by profession. He has cultivated this habit in me from my very young days.I spend most of my pocket money in buying books. For me, reading books is just like enjoying the company of most sincere friends. They are more than friends because they never leave us, they never die or betray us whenever we need them. I have a very good collection of books in my personal library at home. My parents and friends know my choice. They present me books on birthday or as gift on occasions. Also exchange books with my friends. I have more than a thousand books in my personal library. Whenever, my friends and cousins come to my home, I show them my collection of books .

I am member of many libraries. But I like my college library the most. It contains more than 50000 books. I would like to suggest every student to visit their college libraries regularly. Because there is variety of books available on every topic. The importance of college libraries is well known. They play a vital role in our education and learning. They promote self study and reading habits. Without libraries educational aims cannot be achieved. They help the students to learn and gather information independently. Book reading and libraries generate self confidence and self reliance. My college library is very rich. I read there books on science, mathematics, literature, language ,history, general knowledge, arts computer etc.

There is a big central table and many chairs around it. Our college library has an Internet club too. In examination days, the library is kept open on Sundays and other holidays. Our college library is a big source of our knowledge, hope and inspiration. It widens our horizon of knowledge and thinking.

Only good books should be read .One should choose one’s reading material carefully, We can consult librarian for this purpose .Their are many cheap, harmful and substandard books. They can spoil the reader’s character and poison his mind . Books which can inspire, guide, help and encourage should be read.

I have read large number of books on various topics from my college library. The book which has impressed me most is the Holy Quran. This book is a store house of knowledge and wisdom. The Holy Quran is the most important book, which guides us what to do and what not to do. I get pleasure and satisfaction after reciting the Holy Quran, that’s why it is my favorite book. I recite it with Urdu translation and try to understand the message of God. The Holy Quran is the solution to every problem. By acting upon it we can create heaven in this world. It is a complete code of life. The Holy Quran is a divine book. It is a great book of moral instruction. It contains the basic principles of our religion Islam. It is a book of great guidance. It guides human beings in all branches of life. Only the Holy Quran is the most read book. I have read various translations and of Holy Quran in my college library. It is an ever lasting book. It is for all the mankind and for all the times. I have learned many things from this book and I advice every one to read good books especially the Holy Quran.

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