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15 Super Tips About Pendulum Dowsing

Learn The Art of  Pendulum Dowsing & Radiesthesia

Dowsing or Radiesthesia is considered a pseudoscience but in fact its a part of metaphysics/parapsychology that means pendulum dowsing works but science could not discovered yet that how does it work. You can get more than 90% results from pendulum dowsing if you will follow the 15 super tips given on this page about  Radiesthesia.

15 Super Tips About Radiesthesia

1-First you must have confidence on your ability to use pendulum.

2-Generally when pendulum rotates clock wise it means the answer of your question is yes and when it rotates anticlockwise then the answer of your question will be no. But you can set it as per your own choice too.

3-If you will doubt on your dowsing ability then you will never get correct results so use pendulum always in fresh mood and winning state of mind.

4-Dowsing has very close connection with your subconscious mind. You can train your subconscious mind about your ability of dowsing. First you should give self suggestions to your subconscious mind that you can get accurate results through pendulum dowsing. Secondly, visualize daily that you have become a successful dowser.

Pendulum Dowsing

15 Super Tips About Pendulum Dowsing

5-All the instructions about the material of pendulum are baseless. If you have confidence on your ability of pendulum dowsing then you may us pendulum of any material. Professor Fazal Karim who is grand Muslim Reiki master in Pakistan even do not use pendulum, he use his finger as a pendulum.

6-In the beginning you must do lot of practice for mastering the art of pendulum dowsing. Say your brother to hide some objects in your room then try to locate them with pendulum dowsing. Do this practice with full confidence when you are in fresh state of mind.

7-It is also wrongly said that patient should not wear any metal object at the time of dowsing for finding accurate medicine for him. Its the game of belief if you think that its a right principle then you will not get correct result on patient who is wearing any such object.

8-Some people have natural browsing ability so they can perform well in this field. But through practice an ordinary person can also master this skills.

9-The persons who have good concentration ability or good control over their subconscious mind can also learn this art easily. Just by view the rotating pendulum for ten  minutes you may also improve your concentration level.

10- Usually the first answer is the right answer so accept it.

13-After getting some confidence hang the pendulum with some holding object, where it can not move even with the movements of your hand and catch the its thread from over the holding object and concentrate on pendulum, now its movement will prove that you have mastered this art.

12-You must not have any idea about the right answer in your mind otherwise you will always get that answers so always remain empty minded otherwise your biased mentality will affect the results. I got this ability after one year of practice.

13-Length of pendulum thread should be normal.

14-Never try to rotate pendulum with your hand.

15-Last but not least concentration is the key of success in this field. At the time of even practice you should concentrate deeply.

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