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2 in 1 Essay on Scene at Bus Stop or Scene at a Railway Station

Two in One English Essay on Scene at Bus Stop or Scene at a Railway StationĀ 

Note-This essay is just for students of class 6th to 10th.
A _______ presents an interesting scene. Many people are seen at the bus stop, from morning till late evening anxiously waiting for the bus/train, to reach their destinations.


2 in 1 Essay on Scene at Bus Stop or Scene at a Railway Station

Last Friday, I had to go to Karachi. So, I went to________. There were many persons already waiting for the different trains/buses to reach their destinations. There were men, women, children, young and old. There was a lot of noise all around. Most of the people were standing near the window of booking office. Each man was trying to buy the ticket before others. Anxious passengers were pushing and elbowing each other to reach the booking office window. The hawkers were shouting at the top of their voice. They were selling sweets fruit, cigarettes, newspapers and betel leaves.

Trains/Buses came, picked up the passengers and left. Everyone seemed to be in hurry and wanted to board the bus/train first. Some passengers were sitting in waiting room. Some of them were standing beside their luggage and waiting impatiently for the train/bus. Coolies were moving here and there. Whenever the train/bus came, people broke the queue. Even educated persons rushed when they saw that no one had the patience to continue standing in the queue. No one cared for the children, women or the old and weak persons.

Some were trying to get into the bus/train, while others were trying to get down. There was pushing and pulling. Some passengers began to quarreled with one another to find room for themselves and their luggage. Soon the train/bus to Karachi came and I boarded with much difficulty. The scene at_________ is a clear manifestation of our selfishness and bad manners. People do not have mercy even for the children and the old persons.

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