20 Financial Management Tips in English & Urdu-How To Get Out of Debt?

How to Pay Off Debt Fast? 20 Debt Management & Financial Management Super Tips in Urdu & English Languages
Debt and financial management is a very useful art for all and sundry. Everyone should master this art. Today we are going to share 20 debt & financial management tips in Urdu and English with you about “How to Pay Off Debt Fast?”. These golden tips about financial management will help you in managing your loans.

Twenty Financial Management & Debt Management Tips in English & Urdu-How To Get Out of Debt?

1-Your focus should be on increasing your income. Its the easiest and most effective method for getting out of debt quickly.

2-Try to borrow more money on low interest than your past loans.

3-Credit cards are curse, so stop using them.

4-First of all pay the debt with heavy interest.

5-Revise your budget.

6-Get the help of friends and relatives for getting interest free loan.

7-Make a road map for paying off your debt and try to follow it strictly.

8-Interest is also a curse. It is forbidden in all divine religions, so make a promise with your self and Almighty Allah, that you will never get a loan on interest in future. Then pray to Almighty Allah with full confidence on him.

9-Try to increase your savings. Easiest way of saving is to spend less than you plan to spend.

10-Convert your savings in prize bonds. Never buy lottery tickets of heavy amount.

11-Get loan form your provident fund and get rid of your loans. Then pay back this loan as early as possible.

12-Try to pay more every month than you plan to pay.

13-Always buy quality used items like car, machinery or home rather than new ones.

14-Both husband and wife should work to pay off their debt. In combined families all adult members of family should work for this purpose.

15-Try to get second job or over time for paying off your debt quickly.

16-Critically analyze your monthly expenditures for making a saving plan.

17-Get the help of credit counselor for seeking professional advice.

18-Never give up or lose heart as a man can be destroyed but not defeated.

19-Read our self help articles for making you mentally strong to face the crisis situations.

20-Read books on positive thinking and financial management and act accordingly.

Urdu debt and financial management tips have been taken from daily dunya. Mr Abdulsattar Hashmi has written these super tips.Stay connected with studysolutions.pk and its facebook page for guidance about your all problems.

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20 Financial Management Tips in English & Urdu-How To Get Out of Debt?


20 Financial Management Tips in English & Urdu-How To Get Out of Debt?

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