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20 Super Tips About University Entry Test Preparation

MCAT, NTS, ECAT, FAST, NUST, LUMS, GIKI, IST, COMSATS, NUML, PIEAS, IIU & Other Universities Entry Test Tips 
In this article we shall share 20 super tips about entry test preparation. Entry test preparation academy mafia is earning million of rupees in the name of entry test preparation. After reading our articles and tips, you will able to appear in the entrance tests of all universities without taking and preparatory classes. Read these entry test preparation tips carefully and contact our team of senior university professors in case of any query.
1-Chose the most appropriate answer.

2-Attempt the easy questions first as it will relax your nerves and give to confidence to think about the difficult questions. In the last come back towards the difficult questions with better confidence.

3-Be vigilant and in winning state of mind during the entry test.

4-Try to recognize the Key word and underline them with the carbon pencil for saving the time and understanding the question.

5-Entry test is just like a T20 match and you have to do every thing quickly so never be casual in any case.

6-Text books are the best source for entry test preparation. But for additional topics you will have to use additional books. Generally it happens in English section of entry test.

7-Read the question carefully for understanding the its meaning and guessing the exact answer.


MCAT, ECAT, NTS, FAST, NUST, LUMS, GIKI, IST, COMSATS, NUML, PIEAS, IIU & Other Universities Entry Test Preparation Tips

8-Use the sample papers given on the official websites of the universities for getting yourself familiar with the entry test pattern and format.

9-Generally all the entry tests contain MCQs about Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Mathematics, intelligence and English. Official sample paper can give you exact information about the pattern and format as some universities also include the MCQs related to Current Affairs, Everyday Science, General Knowledge, Islamic studies, Pakistan affairs, Qualitative reasoning and Quantitative reasoning in the entry test. Your concepts about all the subjects of syllabus should be clear as your conceptual understanding is tested in entry tests.

10-Divide the available time on the number of questions and try to attempt each question in the available time for each question. Time management is the key element for success in entry tests. You can can not divide the time equally as for MCQs on Math you need little bit more time for calculation purpose. So keep this factor in mind.

11-Generally the first answer which appears in your mind is the right answer.

12-Do not read the choices immediately after reading and understanding the question. First try to think in your mind the right answer of given question. This strategy will help you a lot in choosing the right choice.

13-Obviously there will be some wrong choices, first of all identify them and then try to chose the right answer from the remaining choices.

14-If there is negative marking then skip the questions about which you have doubt in mind. But if in any part of the entry test there is no negative marking then answer the each and every question.

15-Practice is the key of success in the entry test. If any specific syllabus has been given then prepare it first and then practice the sample and past papers in timed environment.

16-Now a days “computer sensitive sheet” is provided to candidates in entry tests. Some sheets have blocks and other circles on them. You are directed to use your pencil or pen to fill the block or the circle for right answer. Almost all universities give instructions on their official websites about filling the “computer sensitive sheet” , read such instructions carefully and follow them strictly as computer will not give you any relief. Some universities take computer based online test. Here again you need to understand the test attempting method. Attempt the demo online tests given on the official websites.

17-Never join preparation classes of any institute except free classes.

18-Some times questions are also taken from SAT books, so consult them too.

19-You may also attempt online tests given on reputed websites for practice purpose.

20-Read our following articles and visit daily for more guidance and tips about entry test preparation.

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