20 Super Tips For Choosing the Best Domain Name

Twenty Golden Tips For Choosing Perfect Domain Name
1-Your main Keyword or keywords should be included in the domain name. Use the keyword that people type when searching for products or services related to your field.

2-Try to buy top level domain (TLD).

3-Domain name should be brand-able. It will help you a lot in future for not only the promotion of your website but also for other business ideas.

4-Never use sub-domain or free domain like .TK for any commercial use.

5-It must be easy to memorize. Catchy and memorable name will increase the traffic of your website in future.

6-Although by copying the name of other websites in a different extension will bring little more traffic to your site but it is not recommended. You are going to enter in the world of creativity and if in the first stage you will become a copy cat then it will affect your future online career.

7-Don’t use words with difficult spelling.

8-It should be short and simple for avoiding typing and spelling mistakes.

9-It must be related to your business/services field. One must understand by viewing the domain name that your website is related to which field.

10-Use free online domain generator or suggestion tool, one of best tool is available at https://www.domainit.com. This free tool saves lot of time and suggests your keywords related names.

Domain Name

20 Super Tips For Choosing the Best Domain Name

11-If you are going to target any specific area/country/group of people/audience then again your domain name should show it.

12-Use Google adwards keywards planner for the selection of most searched and costly keywords and use these keywords at the time of using above mentioned tool. It will rank your site on search engines quickly and you will get more traffic.

13-Its an hidden tip, try to buy your domain name immediately after the final selection as i have noticed that some sites use cookies and buy resalable costly looking domains searched by you on their website.

14-If your services or business are related to any specific area, then try to include the name of your city or province in your domain name. It will help you in getting traffic from your targeted customers as local people can easily remember and search their desired website.

15-Avoid using numbers and hyphens as it creates misunderstandings. People get confuse between 7 and seven.

16-After final selection make it sure that nobody else has trademarked, copyrighted your selected domain name, because if some other company is using the same name then you will not only have to face legal consequences but also it will harm your domain in future.

17-Use the extension (suffix) of your website carefully. Extension of your web address must be related to your business or services. Although .Com is the first choice of every one being the most popular TLD, but usually it is used with commercial websites. You must use most specific extension as per your business. Here is the list of most popular extension.

.Com- Generally its is used for company, commerce commercial and community related websites.
.info- It is used with informative websites
.net-It is best extension for technical, Internet infrastructure related websites.
.org- NGOs uses it.
.biz. For online business
.tv- for websites of tv channels
.me- personal blogs, diary, CV etc

18-It is recommended to buy domain name of your website in various extensions. It will be useful act for protection of your brand. Big brands even buy misspelled versions of their web address/brand name. It will make it almost impossible for your competitors to use name matching to your brand. Don’t create separate sites for additional web address as you can redirect your all additional domains to your main website very easily.

19-Big companies and brands must go for copy right and trade mark too.

20-Last but not least read our article How to choose and register a domain name for further guidance.


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