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20 Super Tips For Writing An Application For Job

How To Write An Application For Job?
The era of writing old styled traditional an application for job has passed. Now a days CV or resume has taken the place of application for job. There is no nuclear difference between a CV or application for job. You may call CV a informal application for job. There is just difference of format or pattern between a CV and application for job. In Pakistan still an application for job is used in traditional style without attaching CV. Now a days an application for job is also called cover letter. In cover letter you address the employer formally and provoke him to read the CV. In this post we shall share 20 super tips with you, which will help you in hunting a job of your choice. Tips given on this page are valid both for traditional job application and cover letter.

1-Read the job ad carefully and try to reflect in your those skills in the letter which are required for the role.

2-Language should be simple and clear and avoid using lengthy words and sentences. Punctuate your writing too,

3-Letter should reflect your confidence but avoid exaggerating.

4-Employer are always interested in what you can do for them, so your emphasis should be on your strengths and utility for the organization.

5-Over writing leaves an wrong impression about you.

6-Don’t use fancy fonts, color paper and designs.

7-Write job application in small paragraph. Each paragraph should be related to any specific topic.

8-Avoid wrong spellings, grammatical and typing mistakes as these types of mistakes show that you are careless with your written communication or have weak non verbal communication skills.

9-Provide supporting data about your claims.

10-Write job application in your own words as originality will show your creative writing skills. Consult templates just for deciding about the pattern and format of application.


20 Super Tips For Writing An Application For Job

11-Use standard font and in case of handwritten the application it should be readable and overall visual appearance should also be good.

12-Do not exceed a paragraph from 15 lines.

13-Try to write your job application well before the deadline so that you may get time to review, edit and improve it.

14-Try to show your draft to your senior, teacher before finalizing it preferably to a person who has experience of recruitment.

15-First 30 seconds of employer will decide your future so emphasize on first impression and initial paragraphs to catch the attention of HR personal.

16-Proper home work will increase your chances of getting an interview. So do the research about the vacant position, required skills and the organisation. Visit relevant websites to collect information.

17 Attach your detailed CV/Resume with the job application but do not repeat the details in CV which you have provided in job application.

18-Try to prove that you are the best choice for the vacant post.

19-Ideal length of the application is one page.

20-Leave unnecessary details like height, religion, nationality, weight, sex, material status, sect etc.

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