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25 Acne Tips & Treatment

Acne Tips For All
Acne is one of the biggest health care problem in youth. Acne is causing many psychological problems in youth. Young girls and boys use different types of creams to get rid of this problem but do not get satisfactory results. Basically it is a deformed type of pimple. It largely affects our cheeks, nose and the forehead . Almost fifty percent of youngsters have to face this problem in their teenage. Basically acne is caused by germs. Male and female hormones also cause acne. In fact when we enter in teenage some glands of our body start functioning. Specially oil glands under our face skin secretes oil. Due to dust some time this oil blocks in our pores on our face skin and causes acne.This happens due to over activeness of our oil glands. Usually acne and pimple do not leave scares on our face, scares are the result of mishandling this problem. In this article we shall share some acne tips with you.

Twenty Five Super Acne Tips
1-Face beauty is your first introduction to others so protect this gift of Almighty Allah.

2-Keep the oil glands of your face clean by using sulfur and neem soaps. Avoid using substandard soaps and creams.

3-Never sleep without washing your face with a soap. Females should clean their make up before going to bed.

4-Face steam has magical results in this problem as it keeps your skin pores open and clean. It is recommended that you should take face steam after 3 to 4 days.

5-Fuller’s earth( Multani mitti) has also great results against acne and pimple. Try it.

6-Mix the rose water and cucumber juice in equal quantity and wash your face daily with this natural herbal mixture.

7-Use honey, olive oil and fresh juices and salads daily.

8-Fats, spicy food and sweet heat your blood so avoid eating all of these.

9-Fresh fruit and boiled vegetables will also help you.


acne tips

25 Acne Tips & Treatment

10-Take bath daily even in winter and add little borax in water while taking bath or use some anti septic soap..

11-Sour, heavy, junk and fried foods will increase the intensity of acne problem.

12-Steroid and chemical creams are not solution of this issue rather theses creams are the part of the problem.

13-Females should avoid heavy make up. It will add to your disease. Specially avoid oil based make up. Water base make up will not block the pores of your face.

14-Avoid using any anti acne cream without the consultation with a skin specialist. .

15-Don’t use anti acne chemical products without the consultation of your physician. These creams contain chemicals which can destroy your remaining beauty.

16-Chocolates and cola drinks are also harmful for you.

17-Never go to ordinary beauty parlors, they use substandard items, its better for you to buy water base make up kit of some good company for self make up.

18-Females should also concentrate on menstruation issues as irregularity in menstruation cycle may also cause acne, so treat this problem first.

19-Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.

20-Make paste of honey and curd in equal quantity and apply it on your face specially on affected areas at night and wash this paste early in the morning.

21-Massage of baking soda water, mint leaves, potato and garlic also produces good result.

22-Positive thinking, taking regular exercise and saying prayers five times a days will help you in getting rid of acne problem.

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24–Last but not least never become the victim of inferiority complex, there are solution of all problems, you just need to discover it.

25-Acne Treatment
Homeopathy has easiest and sure shot acne treatment. Kali Brom Q is a magical remedy for treatment of Acne and pimples. Take 10 drops of this medicine three times daily with little water Chronic patients should add 10 drops of Berberis Aquifolium Q too in water. Take one drop of sulphur 200 after 2 days too. You may also apply sulphur cream daily at night on the affected areas. Harmotonic cream is a local cream with good results.Our team of medical experts is also on your disposal you may get individual guidance from them. Visit our health category daily for latest health tips. We also share acne tips on our facebook page.