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25 Super Tips About ISSB Test For Army

How To Clear ISSB Test For Amry? 25 Super Tips 

If you want to join Pak Army then now you are on the page where you can read 25 super tips about ISSB test for army. We have also given some very useful links about ISSB test for army below this post. Read this tips and act accordingly. Feel free to ask any question about your any confusion. May Almighty Allah help you throughout your life,
1-Always remain honest and straightforward.

2-Fear of failure is the biggest cause of failure in ISSB, so remain confident about yourself.

3-Follow the instructions in letter and spirit.

4-You should be physically super fit. It will increase your chances of selection.

5-Your English communication skill should be excellent so try to improve your English vocabulary and grammar.

6-Remember that your appearance, self confidence, communication skill, academic ability, leadership quality, fitness level,
motivation and awareness level are assessed in ISSB test.

7-You overall approach and behavior should be specific, concise, honest, precise, polite, respectful and responsive.

8-Light smile on face reflects your good nature and confidence.

9-Remain relax, alert and comfortable to perform well.

10-Sit up straight, don’t slump and maintain eye contact with interviewer.

 ISSB Test For Army

25 Super Tips About ISSB Test For Army

11-Psychological stability is also a required element for success in ISSB test.

12-Your knowledge about military affairs, current affairs, Pakistan, everyday science should be excellent.

13-Never try to be over smart or over clever. You should look mature, compose and decent.

14-You must be aware of the ISSB test pattern and format for avoiding any confusion during the exam.

15-You should also have creative writing ability and strong non verbal communication skill.

16-A narrow minded person can not join Pak Army. Your thoughts should be clear and straightforward.

17-Sex related questions are asked just to check your confidence and inner traits. You may also take BP(Blue Print) as blood pressure, HP (Hand Practice) as high power. Reply the question about having girl friend intelligently. Say that in Pakistani and Islamic culture, we can not take female class fellow as girl friends. You should reply the question about watching BP in realistic manner as majority of Indian movies have nude scenes. So reply that you might had seen such scenes accidentally. Never say that you had ever seen any pure blue movie or had sex.

18-You appearance and body language tells many thing about you, so concentrate on these factors too.

19-Practice will ensure your success in ISSB test so appear in tests with full preparation.

20-Actively participate in debates and group discussions with confidence on your abilities.

21-You commitment and desire to serve the army and country should be visible.

22-In each stage, do what you are asked to do with full devotion. Don’t bother about result.

23-Students who takes classes in any coaching centers can easily be identified due to their identical answers. These classes affect your original personality and performance. If still you join these classes then do not reply the questions in set general pattern which, you will be taught in these academies.

24-Read the newspaper, military and general knowledge books regularly. Start your preparation during your school age.

25-Last but not least always remain in winner state of mind and visit and its facebook page daily for reading latest tips about ISSB test for army.

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