3 Breaking News About PM Free Laptop Distribution Scheme 2021

3 Latest Breaking News About PM & CM Free Laptop Distribution Schemes 2021

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We have three breaking news about laptop distribution 2021. Two are good news and one is sad news. Which news you will like to read first. O.k we start with good one.


Punjab government has decided to distribute more than one million free laptops in students of province during next five years. Students of Matric who have got laptops will again get laptops after good performance in intermediate. Earlier there was rule that students who have received a laptop under any federal or provincial government scheme were not eligible to receive laptop again. Now its a great incentive for youth of the Punjab. You should now concentrate on your studies for getting this great reward again after intermediate. We welcome this decision of provincial government and hope that federal government will also follow this decision.

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HEC has taken back laptops from 314 students who were employed. As per news paper report laptops are being taken back from sch students who are employed. HEC had given the deadline of 15 December to such students. Due to which 314 students have returned their laptops to HEC. HEC gave a warning to employed laptop winners that if they will not return their laptops, the registration of their degrees will be cancelled. Employed youth is very dejected on this decision by HEC. According to them it was an unjust decision. Some of them had got jobs recently and they really needed lapis but to save their future they were compelled to obey HEC. What is your point of view in this regard. Is this a just decision or not.

Breaking News About PM Free Laptops Distribution Scheme 2018



3 Breaking News About Free PM Laptop Distribution Scheme 2021

Free Evo devices will be distributed among the laptop winners under PM laptop scheme. Students will have to pay subsidized line rent and they can also avail 3 months free internet service. For details visit HEC to Distribute 100000 Free Evo Devices Under PM Laptop Scheme. Students of AIOU and Dini Madrassas will also be given free laptops. Details are available on our website. Clink the link given above for reading newspaper cuttings.


You can read the details about 3 breaking news about PM Free laptop distribution scheme 2021 in Urdu in the newspaper cuttings on this page. We try to convey each and every alert about different government schemes to our readers, so stay in touch with your own website and its face book page for latest alerts about different schemes of government for youth.











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