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3 in 1 Essay on A Journey By Bus, An Accident, A Visit To Hospital

Three in One English Essay/Paragraph on A Journey By Bus, An Accident, A Visit To Hospital






(Note-This English Essay is For Students of Class 6th to 12th)
I had an urgent work at town hall. So I started from home at 9 am. I expected to return by twelve. From nearby bus stop I caught a bus and got into it. Perhaps the day was unfortunate for me. The bus was running very smoothly. When we covered only a mile, the bus stopped with a heavy jerk. The tyre was punctured. I was in a fix but driver advised us not to worry.


3 in 1 Essay on A Journey By Bus, An Accident, A Visit To Hospital

The tyre was changed and the bus started again after half an hour. Now we were on the mall road quite near the town hall. Suddenly a speedy truck appeared from the opposite direction. The truck was out of control and it struck against the bus. All the passengers in the bus were wounded, some of them seriously. I saw blood trickling down my forehead. Then, I could see or hear nothing around me.

The next morning I found myself lying on the bed in a hospital. A nurse stood beside me. There was a sweet smile on her face. She said that I would be all right within a week or so. After some time, I was taken to lab for head x-rays. In the evening senior doctor visited the emergency ward. He informed me, that I have a slight head fracture, but there is no need to worry about. There were about 30 beds in emergency ward. About half a dozen of patients were moaning miserably and their condition was critical.

The suffering of humanity in the ward moved me. The doctors and nurses were very polite and dutiful. They were moving from bed to bed to look after the patients. In the evening, I was shifted to private room. I recovered in a week. I thanked God for his kindness. Before leaving the hospital, I muttered sincere prayers for the recovery of other 10 seriously injured accident victims.

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