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30 Study Tips For Preparation of All Exams

30 Study Tips For Students of All Classes
On this page you can read 30 study tips for preparation of all exams. These study tips will help you in attempting any kind of paper. Read these study tips carefully and try to follow them foe better results in your upcoming exams.

1-For success in any exam strong memory power is required. So try to improve your memory power for better result in any exam, SQ3R is the best method for improving your memory power. You may use any other modern technique.It has also been noticed that if you will write any topic twice it will remain in your mind for a long time.

2-You can not memorize any topic for a long time without understanding its basic concepts. So always try to clear your concepts in spite of memorizing the topics without understanding them.

3-Discuss the concepts of all subjects with your friends as it will you in storing the key concepts in your long term memory

4-There is no alternative of official text books so always rely on them as text books are written by board of experts and examiners also follow text books at the time of paper setting.

5-Learn the art of paper presentation it can also hide your poor hand writing.

6-Never memorize the questions and try to write the answers in your own words. It will give original touch to your answers and you will get better marks than those who just copy paste answers from the text books.

7-Use highlighters to highlight the key points in the paper. Even at the time studying highlight the key words. This practice will help you a lot in revision before the exam.

8-Manage the time and make proper time table for regular study. Time management is an art which will help you a lot in your future career so try to learn this art.

9-Always write your answer in paragraphs.

10-Give suitable heading to each paragraph of your answer.

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30 Study Tips For Preparation of All Exams

11-Divide the time on number of questions and try to observe the available time limit for each question.

12-Never leave any subjective question in exam and if you do not the answer of any objective question even then guess the correct answer but leave such question if negative marking rule is there. Attempt the difficult questions in the end. Use common sense for answering such questions.

13-Your answer should neither be too large nor be too small. Avoid unnecessary detail but don’t leave any key point. Basic principle for length of a answer is the allocated marks for the question, so always observe the time limit.

14-Use the quotations with quotation marks according to situation.

15-Sample papers will help you in understanding the pattern and format of paper, so do consult model papers.
16-Get the help of past papers for making a list of your self made important questions.

17-You should remain in winning state of mind during the exam.

18- Always study when your are mentally fresh. Read books on general knowledge too.

19-Follow your time table strictly and revise study schedule after the announcement of date sheet.

20-Increase your writing speed but never compromise on handwriting.

21-Make your own notes, we have written a detailed article on this topic, do read it.

22-Use past papers for demo tests and solve them within the time limit.

23-Conceptual clarity is required for getting good marks in objective, paper, subjective paper, Viva and practicals.

24-Never ignore the importance of compulsory subjects. So give proper time to each subject.

25-Prepare the objective and subjective question given in text books first then prepare the past papers and in the last remaining questions.

26-Use selected studies option only near the exams.

27-Try to develop self study habit. Read daily newspapers and reference books too.

28-Try to cover the syllabus well before the exams and revise it before the announcement of date sheet.

29-Never leave the examination center before the allotted time and try to revise your paper at least twice for correction of mistakes, before handing over it to the examiner.

30 Always solve the easy questions first. Remember that graphs and diagrams always impress the paper checkers.

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