40 Future Predictions about 21st Century by a Muslim Saint

Forty Future Predictions about 21st Century by a Muslim Holy Man

My teacher was a great Muslim saint. He died in 2004. He used to predict about future happenings. Today I am sharing his 40 predications with you.  I cannot disclose his name due to my promise with him. May his soul rest in peace, ameen. Here are 40 future predictions by him.
1-China will become sole super power maximum till 2030.

2-Pakistan will become Asian tiger within 10 years.

3-Syria crisis will ultimately become dangerous for Israel.

4-India will be divided into at least 25 parts.

5-Canada and USA will split.

6-Russia will regain its power again.

7-EU will also split.

8-NATO will not remain united.

9-Turkey will leave Nato first.

10-Japan and Germany will do nuclear tests.

Future Predictions

40 Future Predictions about 21st Century by a Muslim Saint

11-Australia, New Zealand and Canada will not remain associated with UK.

12-Scotland will become an independent country.

13-Arab states will become democratic countries.

14-Kashmir will become part of Pakistan.

15-Sikhs will get their homeland Khalistan.

16-Islamic powers will again come in power in Egypt and Algeria.

17-Warsa pact will be revived in a new shape.

18-Tamils will also get their homeland.

19-New Islamic states will emerge in Philippine, India, Russia, Myanmar and France.

20-Many Muslims will become Prime Minister of different European countries.

21-Islam will become the largest religion of the world.

22-Capitalism will fall and new Islamic economic system will prevail.

23-North Korea and South Korea will become one nation.

24-Taiwan will become the part of China.

25-Islam will spread dramatically in China, Russia and West.

26-Cricket will become an international game.

27-Oil and shell gas reserves will be discovered in many poor countries.

28-Life will be found on other planets.

29-Unbelievable cheap new source of energy and high yield crop seeds will be discovered.

30- Unbelievable discoveries are expected in the field of particle physics, genetics and medicine.

31-Presidential form of democracy will become popular.

32-Era of spiritualism will come again after Solomon.

33-Meta physics will become a part of real physics.

34-Under water cities and space cities will be constructed.

35-Human beings will be able to control fusion to produce electricity.

36-Reality of waves will be discovered.  Human beings will be able to cover long distances in seconds.

37-Artifical intelligence will become a serious problem for human race.

38-Before the end of time meaning of all verses of Holy Quran will prove correct.

39-Human beings will finally accept the defeat of science before powers of nature.

40-Visa system & paper currency will not prevail in future. New form of democracy will emerge, decisions will be taken by direct referendum through sms.

Soon i will share more future predictions by my teacher.




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