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5 New Inventions of 2024 (Details in Urdu & English)


We are sharing five new inventions of 2024 with you in this post.


Flying Bike

An American company has invented a flying bike.This flying bike can fly with the speed of 45 kilometre per hour. Its a two seater bike which will be available presented in market in 2024. Advance booking is continue and the price of the bike is 85000$.




Yamaha Electric Bikes

Yamaha company is going to introduce its first two electric sports motor bikes in the market. PES-1 and PED-1 motor bike will be without clutches. Both high speed model will be charged with electricity and battery timing will also be excellent. Due to rising fuel prices it is expected that these electric sport bikes will be very successful in the market.


5 New Inventions of 2024 (Details in Urdu & English)



Samsung Smart Glasses

Samsung is going to market its first smart glasses in January. Google has also announced to launch it smart glasses in December but samsung is determine to compete Google in the field of smart devices. It is expected that company will introduce its smart glasses during a trade show in coming September.You will be able to respond to your incoming call, to read sms and to run small application through these smart glasses.



Braille Mobile Phones

Own phone company ha introduced first braille phone for blind people. At present phone is available in UK only but soon it will be launched globally. Outer body of this braille phone is prepared with 3D printer. Price of phone is just 60 pounds. Own phone company has already launched semi 2D phone and and a child mobile phone of credit card size.

new inventions -Braille mobile phone


Smart Solar Locks

Two American engineers has invented a smart solar lock for bicycles and motor bikes. In case of theft this smart lock will inform send you immediate sms through a special in built application. It has been named sky lock. Price of this smart solar lock is just 159$.

new inventions solar smart lock

Final Words

You can read all the about all these new inventionsĀ  in Urdu too on this page. Stay in touch with your favorite portal for latest alerts about new inventions.


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