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Afghan Taliban Uprising & Its Effects on Afghanistan & Pakistan

Current Affairs – Afghanistan Taliban Uprising & Its Effects on RegionĀ 
Today in our current affairs section we shall discuss the recent Afghan Taliban uprising and its effects on Afghanistan and Pakistan. Afghanistan army is not in the condition to face the Afghan Taliban uprising. Taliban have captured many provinces of the Eastern and Southern Afghanistan. ISIS is a new element in Afghanistan. Many Taliban leaders have joined ISIS. Pakistan army has defeated the Pakistani Taliban (TTP) and Alqaida in FATA due to which now we have lost our influence on Afghan Taliban.

President Ashraf Ghani wants to negotiate with Afghanistan Taliban through Pakistan and we tried our level best to facilitate him, but Taliban leaders are not ready for power sharing. Now President Ashraf Ghani wants help from us for crushing the Afghan Taliban uprising, but unfortunately we are unable to support him in this regard due to our internal war against terror. Just like Saudi Arabia and Middle Est countries, President Ashraf Ghani is also not ready to consider our internal problems.

We are seeking foreign help in our war against terror on our Western boarders but Afghanistan has an untrained army which is not capable of fighting against militants. USA is going to leave Afghanistan and its just symbolic presence can not play an important role for the stability of our neighbor. Afghanistan needs to adopt long policy to handle the situation and we has offered it to train its army.

Current Affairs


Afghan Taliban Uprising & Its Effects on Afghanistan & Pakistan


In fact President Ashraf Ghani has failed to run the country and now he has also started a blame games against us to hide the weaknesses of his government. He has even failed to complete his cabinet. Afghan national assembly has completed its tenure but its tenure is being extended to get the approval of the decisions of the current regime. President Ghani is also following the strategy of Karzai. RAW was involved in the attack on Afghan Parliament as it has played the same game against us by attacking its on Parliament.

ISI, Pak army and government are sincere with Afghan government but now stability in the region, specially in Pakistan is not foremost agenda of some powers. A great game in the region has been started. There is a need of political reconciliation in Afghanistan otherwise ISIS will also become the stake holder in the region. India will also lost its interest in the region, which can easily be obtained through peace. Ghani should arrest and handover the leadership of TTP to Pakistan to prove his sincerity with us. Indian consulates on our boarder should be closed immediately.

After the rising Pak China and Pak Russia relations, now we are not alone in the region. Afghanistan and India can not harm us by the grace of Almighty Allah. We are going to become game changer country in the Asia. Our internal stability is the guarantee of Asian stability. Pakistan Army and ISI can face the axis of evil. We strongly recommend the Afghan and Indian governments to avoid from conspiracies against us. Karzai could do nothing in in his long regime then what will Ghani get by following his policies aginst the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Visit our current affairs category and facebook page daily.