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Aitchison College Admission 2023, Schedule & Form Download

Aitchison College Admission Schedule 2023
Aitchison College Lahore has announced the admission schedule 2023. Applications forms are now available. You can get admission form 0st Nov, 2023. Application package is available in Rs.1000. Applicants will also have to pay 3000 rupees as a registration fee. Entry tests will be taken also. Interviews and medical test will be taken later on.



Points To Remember About Aitchison College Admission 2023
1-Admission in class K-2 will be given to those students were born between  1st June, 2015 to 31 May, 2016.  Admission seekers in class K-1 will have to live in college hostel for eight years. Residents of Lahore city and its adjoining areas are not eligible to apply.

2-Remember that student expelled from hostel will also lose his seat from college.

3-Those candidates will be given admission in class K-2 who who were born between 1st June 2015 to 31 May, 2016.

4-Limited seats are available in class K-3 to C-1. Entry test will be taken as per the age of candidate.

5-Applicants will have to present original hospital record and first post-natal medical report. In case nonavailability of original hospital record applicants will have  to present duplicate copy attested by the current MS of the hospital where he was born. Attested copies of these documents are also required.

6-Attach your recent passport size photographs with the application form.

7-Last exam result card should also be attached with the admission form.

8-Mention the number of brothers ans sister on form also indicate that what is the number of applicant among his brothers and sisters.

9-It is mandatory to complete the medical questionnaire before the interview of parents and along applicants.

10-Aitchison College does not receive any government grant. Tuition fee is the only source of its income. So it is expected that parents will mention their actual income.  It is hereby informed that  college reserve the rights to increase the fee as per the inflation rate.

11-Aitchison college will not attend the parents personally, so do not visit the campus.

12-Complete the request for registration which has been given on this page and send it along with bank draft of 1000 rupees in favor of Principal, Aitchison College through courier to admission office. After that you will be sent admissions pack, which you will have to return through courier  along with bank draft/pay order/banker cheque of Rs.3000 as a registration fee.


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Aitchison College Contact Detail
UAN- 111-363-063


Aitchison College Admission 2023, Schedule & Form Download

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