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All About Bipolar Disorder in Urdu & English (Intro, Symptoms, Causes & Treatment)

Health Tips-Bipolar Disorder Introduction, Symptoms, Causes, Preventions & Treatment (Urdu-English)
Bipolar disorder is also called with the name of manic depression. It is a mental health condition which mainly and usually causes some of the extreme mood swings. You face emotional highs and lows. When you are going to become depressed, then you will eventually feel sad or hopeless. You will be losing interest in most of the activities. And when your mood is going to be shifted, then you will start to feel euphoric and too full of energy.

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder
If you are the patient of bipolar I disorder, then you will be facing one manic episode that and it will be preceded or you can say followed by hypomanic. You will get into major amount of depressive episodes. At some of the situations, this mania may be triggering a break from the mode of reality.

If some one is the victim of bipolar II disorder, then will face just one major and intensive depressive episode.

This disorder can occur during any of the age time frames. It is usually seen that it is diagnosed and identified in the teenage years or you can say at the time of early 20s. It is from person to person that its symptoms vary.

You will feel an abnormally upbeat or an exaggerated sense of self-confidence. You will notice a decreased need in your sleeping patterns or you might get enter into the unusual talkativeness mode.

Causes of Bipolar Disorder
It is due to the biological differences that this disorder reside in yourself. If there are any physical changes taking place in your brain, then you will become the victim of this disorder. Genetics is one of the important causes of this issue. If your first degree relative or your parent and siblings are affected with this disorder, then you can also become the target of it.

Treatment of Bipolar Disorder
You have to pay a keen attention to your warning signs and symptoms. You can prevent and avoid these episodes if you will address the symptoms on time. Do not make these signs worse for you and treat them on the proper time.

You can call your doctor as soon as possible if you are falling right into an episode of depression. You can involve your family members so that they can watch the warning signs and any of the major symptoms for you.

You have to avoid taking alcohol and drugs. If you will regularly take these recreational drugs and alcohol, then your symptoms will reach to the worse stage.

Do take your medications on time, as and when directed to you. You might be tempted to stop this treatment of yours but do not proceed yourself to take this action. You should not stopping yourself while taking medication and follow every single requirement of your treatment.

So if any one in your family is the target victim of this disorder, make sure that you involve that person to follow complete treatment proceedings. Keep in touch and more info on other disorders will be given to you. Now read all about bipolar disorder in Urdu.

All About Bipolar Disorder in Urdu & English (Intro, Symptoms, Causes & Treatment)

All About Bipolar Disorder in Urdu & English (Intro, Symptoms, Causes & Treatment)