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All About Constipation in Urdu & English, Causes, Tips, Treatment

Constipation Cure Guide in Urdu & English, Causes, Tips, Prevention & Treatment
Among so many different health issues, facing constipation is one of the biggest health concerns which is not so easy to tackle up. Medical experts have mentioned constipation as the mother of diseases. It can bring a strong effect on your body functioning. But along with the health it can disturb your entire diet routine along with the schedule of work too. In a recent report of medical research it has been unveiled that due to fast food, the issue of constipation has been getting a lot common. In case if this health issue is not controlled at the right time, then it can further bring the issues of joint pain, as well as high BP, or even cancer.


How Does Constipation Happen?
As soon as the summer season arrives, normally the overall chances of getting into constipation also increase. This is probably because your body has been so much dehydrated that they get into the issue of constipation which becomes daunting to solve. The condition of constipation is all about when any person is not able to empty one large bowel. You can easily resolve the whole scenario of the constipation when you bring some sort of changes in your lifestyle and even come up with some of the home remedies.


There have been so many reasons due to which the constipation can take place. It might happen if the stool is not able to pass through the colon so slowly. As the meals will be moving slowly through the area of the digestive tract, the colon will be absorbing extra water and hence your stools will start face some issues to pass through your digestive system. If you are not pooping thrice times in a week then the issue of constipation is so much common.


Key Causes of Constipation

In Europe and in America there has been high rate of people who are strongly suffering from the constipation. This is because they are purchasing so much of food items as which are made in bakery or in the places of food restaurants.


Any human body that is having less amount of the nutritional fiber will most probably face the issue of constipation. Hence this is probably for the reason that the fiber has been promoting the regular movement of the bowel which can be solved with the proper hydration. Some of the common food items that are high in fiber are nuts, complete grains, veggies, legumes and lentils.


How to Treat Constipation?
Constipation treatment does not need any sort of treatment or the doctor’s prescription. You can treat it on your own by taking into account healthy lifestyle and regular popping. You should be consuming more amounts of food items that are high in fiber and should drink maximum water. You should not be ignoring the situation when you are not having a smooth bowel movement. You should instantly get in touch with the doctor and should prescribe yourself with some medications. Constipation can take place in all age groups of people i.e. kids, adult age or even in old age.


All About Constipation in Urdu & English, Causes, Tips, Treatment



All About Constipation in Urdu & English, Causes, Tips, Treatment