All About Dubai Health Authority DHA Exam

Career Guide About DHA Exam
Here we will have in-detail discussion on DHA exam Emirate of Dubai. We will give you general information on this exam test. So have a look at and read out the below mentioned informative piece of information. We hope that you will get enlightening and thought provoking details regarding DHA exam.

DHA Exam Is Conducted by Dubai Health Authority
This Dubai Health Authority is a responsible governing body that looks after and take care of this health care sector of Emirate of Dubai. To work as a registered doctor or physician in Dubai, you can contact Health Regulation Department of this Dubai health authority. For these professional doctors, healthcare physicians, they should pass and need to clear DHA exam on the priority basis.

DHA Exam

All About Dubai Health Authority DHA Exam

Important Guidelines Set For DHA Exam
When you will properly filled your form online then a reference number will be automatically and instantly generated. Just keep and save this reference number so that candidates can easily have the tracking of their application status. For professionals, fee amount is 210 AED. This PSV fees for physicians category, dentists category, it starts from the amount of AED 1000.

Important Details on Assessments Fees For DHA Exam
For dentists and physicians, normal fees is AED 510 and on the urgent basis, fee structure is AED 2010. The license fees is AED 3010 for particular category of dentists and physicians.

Important Requirements Set For GPs
Their graduation should be completed from recognised and well known medical institution. If you are a Non UAE National then you should have and possess atleast 2 years of clinical experience and post internship experience.

Important Requirements Set For Specialists
You should have recognized and valid Specialty Certificate. If any specialist physician will somehow fail to meet these experience requirements and conditions then he shall get a provisional license.

Essential Requirements Set For a General Dentist
Applicants should have finished with their 5 years dental degree studies. It is must to have experience of more than and about 3 years.

Important Requirements Set For Dental Consultants
They should be having primary dental degree, they should have Recognized Specialty Certificates. If you are in area of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Specialties then you should have minimum and about of 4 years post graduate certification.

Details on Renewal Fees
Category of physicians, dentists, fees is 3010 AED and for other and remaining categories, it is 1010 AED. Note that this DHA health professional license will be renewed for 1 year time frame only and then after 1 year, you will again submit application for this renewal process. You should apply for this renewal license before 3 months of your license expiry date.

This is all informative information on DHA test. You can further have a communication with Dubai Health authority and ask more questions about this DHA exam. It is an important exam for all those professionals who want to work as professional doctors, dentists, physicians, consultants, general practitioners in Dubai. You may read details about CGFNS, Moh and Haad exams too in our test category.


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