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All About PLAB Test (Professional & Linguistic Assessment Board Test)

Career Counseling About Scope of PLAB TestĀ (Professional & Linguistic Assessment Board Test)
Who else has appeared in this PLAB test which is also termed as Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board test? If one is looking for guideline about this PLAB exam, we can give you complete instructions and important information. It is notified by General Medical Council (GMC) of this United Kingdom that all overseas doctors who want to have job in UK as doctors or physicians, then first they have to pass this test.

Part 1 of PLAB Test
This part 1 has 200 questions. Some questions will be in extended matching questions format and some questions will come in single best answer format. Part 1 has time limit of 3 hours.

Part 2 of PLAB Test
This part 2 of PLAB test is conducted in UK only. It is taken in form of Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE). Candidates will be scored on their communication and clinical skills.

All About PLAB Test (Professional & Linguistic Assessment Board Test)

All About PLAB Test (Professional & Linguistic Assessment Board Test)

IELTS Compulsion To Sit For PLAB Test
For all overseas doctors, it is must for them to pass their IELTS test as well. it is since January 1997 that IELTS has now come out as a pre-requisite to sit for this PLAB Test.

Re-Sitting Criteria For PLAB Test
For this part 1, any of overseas doctor can go for unlimited tries. For part 2, you will get 3 chances, on attempting 4th attempt if you get fail then you have to re-sit for both IELTS test as well as PLAB test. If you will pass PLAB test then it is not guaranteed that you will get the job offer in UK. For these Pakistani doctors and other, rest of the Asian doctors, finding and looking for a job in UK has been a tough part always.

Visa Type Needed to Sit For PLAB Test
Candidates have to apply for visitor’s visa. It is advised that if you are from Pakistan then you should choose Pakistan as your test center so that you can appear in its part 1 stage. If you are interested in the specialization areas like medicine, surgery or OBG then you should have post graduate training before you make your headway to UK.

Filling Answer Sheets inĀ Professional & Linguistic Assessment Board Test
On your first day, you will get two answer sheet. First answer sheet will be of purple color, this purple sheet answer sheet carries questions from 1 to 100. Then a pink one answer sheet will carry questions from 101 till 200. You can look at the top of answer sheet to know about instructions as to how to fill it up.

How To Prepare For Extended Matching Questions in PLAB Test?
These extended matching questions have been grouped into themes format and structure. Each single theme has its own heading and with the help of that heading you will know the background of that question. Within each of the single theme, there will be many numbered items.

How To Prepare For Single Best Answer Questions in PLAB Test?
You will be given scenarios in this part. Read all questions properly and come up with single most and suitable diagnosis. Just select a single answer. If you will mark two answers for a single question then zero mark will be awarded.

Registration Part in PLAB Test
To have a registration for PLAB 1, you should send your documents and form to local British Council office or on-line. With your PLAB-1 application form, you will attach bank draft, copy of your IELTS score, copy of your valid passport, copy of your primary medical qualification. Haad test details are also available in test category of