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All About Pneumonia Causes, Symptoms, Preventions, Treatment (Urdu-English)

All About Pneumonia Causes, Symptoms, Precautions, Complications, Vaccination, Treatment, Tips in Urdu & English
Here we have all information for you about pneumonia, this is the disease which is excessively common among kids and even the older people can become the victim of it. Here we will put down the important information on this issue. If you fall in the older category, then take much care of yourself and if your child is less than 5 years, then give him or her safety injections all the time.

Target Audience of Pneumonia
It is true that any one of you can become the victim of pneumonia, but this disease is mostly common the children. If you are already involved in the diseases like that of diabetes and heart disease then this pneumonia issue will further become deadly for you. Do you know that how kids who are less than 5 years of age die, it is largely because they get pneumonia.

Pneumonia Injection
We know that at the time of birth, kids are given total ten injections and they are precautionary injections so that they can remain safe from the diseases, or from the polio issue. In the same way, out of these ten injections, one injection is made for the safety of pneumonia as well.

Symptoms of Pneumonia
You will feel a chest pain when you are going to breathe or cough, you will get regular cough and you might produce phlegm. You will feel fatigue, sweating as well as shaking chills.

What Doctors Have to Do If They Diagnose You With Pneumonia ?
As soon as your doctor is going to diagnose with this pneumonia issue, then he will going to take an X-ray of your body. The chest X-ray will be done and there are chances that some of the blood tests will be taken. Those who will be severely infected, then they have to get shifted to the hospital.

Completing The Course of Antibiotics
If you are given the prescription of antibiotics then make sure that you should complete that course. You can only cure this issue if you will take on time and proper medications and antibiotics.

Pneumonia Becomes More Deadly Among Old People
It is a fact that this issue reaches to the deadly stage among the old people, if you fall in 60 years or 70 years age time-line, then take good care of yourself and do the regular test in case you feel that you are getting pneumonia.

When to Rush Towards The Doctor?
When you see that your child cough condition is not getting cured and it is getting severe even after the span of three weeks then you should rush to your doctor. If you are giving antibiotics to your child and still his fever is not going down after three days, then you should consult a doctor immediately. When you notice that your child is facing difficulty in breathing or he is getting pale, then go for the proper treatment.

So keep yourself safe and healthy, no matter you are a kid or an older person, stay safe from this disease and remain healthy all the time.

All About Pneumonia Causes, Symptoms, Preventions, Treatment (Urdu-English)



All About Pneumonia Causes, Symptoms, Preventions, Treatment (Urdu-English)

All About Pneumonia Causes, Symptoms, Preventions, Treatment (Urdu-English)