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All About Tuberculosis (TB)-Types, Treatment, Symptoms, Preventions (Urdu & English)

Health Guide & Tips About Tuberculosis or TB in Urdu & English Languages e.g Signs, Kinds, Precautions, Treatment & Diagnosis
World TB day is organized on the 24 March of every single year. Note down that tuberculosis is one of the infectious diseases which mainly and usually affect your lungs. It is primarily caused by this single infectious agent and also note down that tuberculosis is the second most biggest killer on global terms. If you are the patient of latent TB, then the bacteria will remain there in your body all in an inactive state. This kind of tuberculosis causes none of the symptoms and it is not at all contagious. At the same time, this form of TB can also become active. Those individuals who are the patient of active TB, this bacteria type do cause symptoms and it can also be transmitted to the other people.

TB Symptoms

What is TB?
If you are feeling weak or if you are feeling sick, then this is a warning sign that you are getting TB. At the same time, if there is a loss of appetite and if there is a weight loss, if you are feeling and having chills and fever, then you are being targeted with this diseases. You will get night sweats in this condition and you will also get severe cough which may last and prolonged for 3 weeks or more than that!

Which Factors do Not Spread Tuberculosis?
It is y sharing food, by shaking hands with each other, using the toilet of affected person, touching the bed of affected person- these factors do not spread this condition.

How To Avoid Tuberculosis (TB)?

Treatment of TB (Tuberculosis)
We have seen in a majority and large number of tuberculosis cases that it can be treated and cured when the right and correct medication is usually and mainly available and you too need to administer and make use of it correctly. Those patients who have latent TB, they need one kind and version of of TB antibiotics. Those who have active TB, they often and usually require a prescription and range of multiple drugs.

Types of TB or Tuberculosis
MDR-TB: This is a multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis which is also called with the name of MDR-TB. This is a form of tuberculosis infection which is basically caused by bacteria and this bacteria is completely resistant to treatment.

XDR-TB: On the other hand, we have extensively drug-resistant TB which is too called as XDR TB and this is rare kind of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis infection. This infection type is resistant to isoniazid as well as rifampin and it is too resistant tofluoroquinolone and one of the three injectable second-line drugs.

Prevention of Tuberculosis
Your houses have to be adequately ventilated. If you see the other person who is coughing, then he needs to get a proper education regarding cough etiquette and also about the respiratory hygiene. If it is possible then you should sleep alone as well as adequately in a ventilated room. Make less use of public transport and spend a minimum amount of time in the kind of places where large amount of people usually gather together. More facts on tuberculosis or TB are available in Urdu language below this post.

All About Tuberculosis (TB)-Types, Treatment, Symptoms, Preventions (Urdu & English)

All About Tuberculosis (TB)-Types, Treatment, Symptoms, Preventions (Urdu & English)