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All About Warts in Urdu & English Symptoms, Causes, Preventions & Treatment

All About Warts in Urdu & English Languages Like Symptoms, Causes, Precautions & Treatment
Have you ever get warts? Here we will give you the detailed information on them. Note that these warts are quite small in their sizes. They come in the grainy skin texture and this skin gets to grow on your hands and fingers. They are extremely rough to touch and they are featured and have their presence in the form of tiny black dots.

It is because of the virus that these warts occur. When some infected person will touch you, then you will also get this infection. It can take about two to six months to treat this issue. If you will remain to be exposed with this virus, then warts will not ever get disappeared from your body. If you have common warts, then they are usually and mainly harmless for you. They will disappear on their own as well.

Symptoms Details
You will get the grainy bumps, you will notice the presence of a small and fleshy grain on your fingers or hands. There there might be an appearance of flesh colored bump. When you will touch these warts, then you will get a rough feeling. They will be sprinkled with these black pinpoints. When you see that the growth of this issue is getting painful, then you have to see the doctor at that time. As soon as you see the change in their appearance or in their color, then go and consult your doctor. If these warts keep on spreading to the other parts of your body, then it is the time to pass them through the treatment process.

Causes of Warts
They are caused because of the human papillomavirus (HPV). This is the virus which is quite and extremely common these days. It has and comprise more than 150 types which is a big number. You can acquire this HPV virus through the sexual contact medium. It is also because of the casual skin contact or because of the shared objects like if you share the washcloth or towel, then you will get this infection. Upon biting your nails, it will let warts to spread right to your fingertips and also around your nails.

Prevention And Cure for Warts
So how can you get rid from these warts, we will tell you! You can avoid the direct contact with the infected people as much as you can. You should not be using the same nail clipper right on your warts which you have used for the rest of your nails.

You can follow the natural and home made remedies for this job. Make sure that you should not biting up your fingernails. These warts occur more on the skin which is in broken form, so do not bite your nails.

Avoid brushing and clipping as well shaving those areas and regions which have warts.

This is how to treat the problem of warts, if you are using a homemade and natural method then let us know too. This is a common issue but it is treatable too at the same time.

All About Warts in Urdu & English Symptoms, Causes, Preventions & Treatment

All About Warts in Urdu & English Symptoms, Causes, Preventions & Treatment