All in One English Essay on Any Match & My Favorite Game

All in One English Essay on Any Match e.g A Cricket Match, A Foot ball Match, A Match,A Volley Ball Match, A Wrestling Match, A Tennis Match, A Table Tennis Match, A Kabbadi Match & My Favorite Game 

________ is my favorite game. I am fond of it and spend my leisure time in this game. It is my hobby and I like it since my child hood. I am captain of my college/school team and often play tournaments. It improves our health and makes us good citizen by the lesson of unity and sports men. It is the best way of spending time . It gives us joy as well as sound health and honor. There are_________ players in a team. Each one plays with sportsman spirit. We get the lesson of hard work, unity and discipline by this game.

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All in One Essay

All in One English Essay on Any Match & My Favorite Game

Last Sunday, some of my friends and I thought that we should enjoy ourselves. We decide to witness the ———- match, which was going to be played in city stadium Lahore. It was going to be played between the teams of Punjab tigers and Sindh dolphins. It was a fine day and the weather was pleasant. We reached the stadium in time.

We had to pay one hundred rupees as entry fee at the gate. There was hustle and bustle in the ground. Thousands of men, women and children came to watch the match. Many hawkers were selling their eatable things. Their things were selling like hot cakes. Police men were there to control the crowd. Captains of both the teams arrived in the ground only 10 minutes before the fixed time. They inspected the ground. Chief Minister Punjab was the chief guest. The players of both the teams came in the ground and were introduced to the chief guest. A number of photographs were taken at that moment.

The match started at 10 am. The match started at a high pace. Both the teams were equally strong. The players played well. They tried their best to carry the day. The last ten minutes of the game were very exciting. We were sure to lose the game but we did not lose heart. Every minute was a suspense.

At last chance favored us and match ended with Punjab tiger’s victory. Every one was amazed and thankful to God for giving us such a brilliant victory. At the end, the chief guest distributed the prizes among the players. Our minds became fresh. There was joy and happiness every where. It was one of the best matches we ever saw. We will keep it in our mind for ever.

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