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All in One Leave Application For School Students

All in One Leave Application of Primary School Level For Different Occasions

1-Leave Application For Sick Leave
2-For Leave to do an Urgent Piece of Work
3-Leave Application to Attend Your Any Sick Relative Like Mother, Father, Brother, Sister etc
4-Leave Application to Attend a Marriage Party
5-To Receive any Relative From Air Port or Railway Station
6-To See off a Relative
7-Leave Application To Attend a Funeral
8-For Leave For Some Ailment


All in One Leave Application For School Students

The principal,
Divisional Public School,
Sir, or Madam,
Most respectfully I beg to say that______________________________
. Therefore I cannot, come to school/college. Kindly grant me leave for three days only. I shall be very thankful to you for this act of kindness.

Yours obediently,


Note-Write One of the following line as per the nature of leave application in the blank space.

1-For Urgent Piece of Work; I have an urgent piece of work at home.

2-For Sick Leave; I have been down with fever.

3-For Some Ailment; I am feeling some ailment since yesterday evening.

4-To Attend a Marriage; I have to attend the marriage ceremony of my younger brother at Bahawalpur.

5-To Receive a Relative; My maternal grandfather is coming from Karachi. I have to go to the airport to receive him.

6-To Attend Your Sick Father/Mother; My mother/father is seriously ill. I have to attend him/her at hospital.

7-To See off Relative; My father is going to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah, today. I shall accompany with the members of my family and friends to see him off at Lahore international airport.

8-To Attend a Funeral; My uncle has died. I have to go Sialkot to attend his funeral.

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