All in One Letter to The Editor For FA, FSc, BCom, BA & BSc Students

Multi Topics Letter to The Editor For Students of FA, F.Sc, I.Com. D.Com B.Com, BA & B.Sc

(Note-We have just given the body of all in one letter to the editor on this page. Format or pattern has not been given)

Through the columns of your esteemed paper, I want to invite the attention of authorities, leaders, rulers and public to a grave problem, that has become a matter of deep concern for all and sundry. It is about the_______.

This issue is very critical with its relevant effects. That is why; I have taken an initiative to write to you about this. I shall be thankful if you publish this letter in your esteemed paper. My points of concern, related to the issue along with appropriate suggestions are as under;


All in One Letter to The Editor For FA, FSc, BCom, BA & BSc Students


I hope that you will write an editorial on this issue. I request the authorities concerned, to look into the matter seriously and positively.

The following suggestions are given to set the evil right.

1-The electronic and print media should start a campaign against__________,

2-The culprits should be severely fined and sent to jail.

3-We can stop________ by educating the people in that direction.

4-The Government should take strict measures to stop it.

5-Civil society should also come forward in this regard.

I hope that you will publish my letter to the editor in your editorial page and ask you relevant beat reporter to make a news feature on this issue to draw the intention of authorities towards this grave problem.

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