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All New Telenor SMS Packages 2024-Prepaid & Postpaid

All Latest Telenor SMS Packages 2024 Daily, Weekly, 15 Days & Monthly

Telenor has announced its daily, 5 days, weekly and  fortnightly SMS packages 2024. All Telenor SMS Packages 2024 with activation details are available on this page. At present company is offering different S.M.S bundles i.e daily, 5 days, weekly, 15 days and monthly for its postpaid, talkshawk, djuice and postpaid customers. Telenor has developed its SMS packages in such masterly hand that customers of all age groups can chose a package as per their need. Rates of Telenor SMS packages are also very compatible as compare to other mobile phone service provider companies.



Telenor SMS Bundles 2024

You can use free S.M.S on any network within the country. If you want to know the remaining free S.M.S balance then dial *111#. There are 3 kinds of Telenor SMS packages i.e talkshawk, djuice and postpaid. Company reserves the right to change the package any time without any prior notice as all the bundles are for limited time. Telenor has also announced its 3G packages 2024, which are available on our website, Ufone and Jazz SMS bundles 2024 are also available on our website. Helpline number, email and all other contact details of all mobile phone companies are also available on our website. Telenor always try to provide cost saving and customer friendly offers. That’s why it has millions of satisfied and loyal customers. Once you will experience the great service of company, it will never allow you to change your SIM.


Benefits of Telenor SMS Packages 2024

Telenor SMS packages 2024 offer lot of benefits for users who prefer to communicate through text messages. Here are some of the key advantages;


Cost-Effective Communication

Affordable Plans: Telenor SMS packages are designed to be budget-friendly by offering various bundles to suit different user needs without high costs.

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Options: Users can choose packages based on their communication needs, which helps save money compared to standard SMS rates.


Flexibility and Convenience

Multiple SMS Packages: There are multiple SMS packages available by allowing customers to select the 1 that best fits their texting habits.

Easy Activation: Telenor SMS packages 2024 can typically be activated with simple USSD codes or through the Telenor app.


Wide Coverage

Network Reach: Telenor has extensive coverage in many regions for ensuring that SMS messages are delivered promptly without geographical limitations.


No Need for Internet

Offline Communication: Unlike instant messaging apps, SMS does not require an internet connection for making it accessible even in areas with poor or no internet service.




Dependable Delivery: SMS messages are usually delivered almost instantly & are less likely to get delayed compared to other forms of digital communication.



Universal Access: Every mobile phone has the capability to send & receive SMS for ensuring compatibility with all types of phones, including basic feature phones.


Promotional Offers

Bonuses & Deals: Telenor often includes extra perks like free SMS to certain numbers or bundled voice minutes & internet data.


Better Management of Personal Connectivity

Control Over Expenses: Telenor repaid SMS packages 2024 help customers manage their spending on mobile communication effectively.


How to Subscribe to a Telenor SMS Package

Via USSD Code: Dial the specific USSD code associated with the SMS package you wish to subscribe to.
Through the Telenor App: Use the Telenor app to easily subscribe to your chosen SMS package.
Telenor Website: Visit the Telenor website for detailed instructions & options for package subscriptions.
Customer Service: Call Telenor customer service for assistance with subscribing to an SMS package.


Final Words

Telenor SMS packages allow you remain in touch with your friends and relatives without spending much. You can view all new Telenor SMS packages 2024 in table form below this page. Stay in touch with us for latest alerts about offers and bundles of different mobile phone service provider companies.


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All New Telenor SMS Packages 2024-Prepaid & Postpaid


Prepaid Telenor SMS Packages 2024 Prepaid (DJuice & Talkshawk)

Telenor SMS Packages Prepaid



Telenor SMS Packages 2024 (Postpaid)


Telenor SMS Packages Postpaid