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All You Need To Know About HAAD Exam

Guidance About HAAD Exam For Beginners 
This HAAD exam is conducted by medical examination and testing bodies of UAE. This test gives and hand over you the license that you can start your practice of medicine in UAE. You need to pass yourself through various and bunch of assessment tools. If you are planning to settle in UAE and you have this medicine degree as well from country like Pakistan then first pass this HAAD exam.

All You Need To Know About HAAD Exam

All You Need To Know About HAAD Exam

Scheduling Process of HAAD Exam
An announcement has been made by Health Authority – Abu Dhabi (HAAD) that all medicine students can now apply for this test. They have opened their registration portal so that relevant medicine students can apply for this license taking examination. After applying, candidate will get a user name and a password. Follow steps to create and make your Pearson VUE web account. From this account candidate will get the booking confirmation and this confirmation code will be brought by him at test centre.

Payment Structure of HAAD Test
For this exam, candidate has to pay AED 258 Dhs, this amount and fee is equivalent to US$70. Pay it directly to Pearson Vue with addition to AED 50/- in cash and this cash should be paid to HAAD Finance Department. To sit for the HAAD oral exam, you have to submit request for one more time. To complete the process of registration for HAAD Oral Exam, candidate has to pay the amount of AED 50/ to Finance Department at UAE Health Authority.

Oral Exam Fee For International Students
For these International centers, fees is AED 331 Dhs which is equivalent to US$90, you should pay this oral exam fees directly to Peason Vue. Note that the list of international test centers are as follows: India, Philippines, Jordan South Korea, Lebanon, Egypt, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Centers.

Conditions Set For Medical Doctors
For physicians and dentists, these candidates should attach an evidence of their good standing, this certificate will be granted to candidates from their country, home state. This requirement is not at all applicable for these UAE nationals out there.

Conditions Set For Medical Dentists
For candidates who have completed their studies of dentistry or if they are acting as consultants, they also have to attach a license related to their good standing. This license will be issued to candidates from their home state country.

HAAD Written Licensing Exam Guidelines
Use of supplementary books or if any one will be caught using equipments like that of hand held PC’s in the exam, his paper will be rejected. If you will be communicating directly with examiners to have a discussion on exam content then you will not be permitted to sit for exam. If you will be involved in any of the suspicious behaviors then your application will be discarded from this Licensing Examination. You will get 3 opportunities so that you can sit in this written examination. If any candidate will fail to pass even in his 3rd attempt they he can give an re-attempt after a gap of 12 months.