15 Alternative Options of BSc or BE Engineering After FSc Pre Engineering & A-Level

Fifteen Top Alternative Options of B.Sc or B.E Engineering After F.Sc Pre Engineering & A-Level

After failure in ECAT entry test many FSc Pre Engineering and A-Level students think that they have failed in their career. Its an negative approach as you guys have much more further career options than FSc Pre Medical students. In this post we shall discuss further studies options for those students who could not get admission in BE or BSc Engineering after FSc and A-Level. We have written detailed articles on almost all below given options. You must read these articles for detailed guidance and career counseling.


15 Alternative Options of BSc or BE Engineering After FSc Pre Engineering & A-Level

1-BE or B.Sc in Non Traditional Fields
Majotity of students prefer to get admission in four basic fields of engineering i.e Chemical, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical engineering. There are many other engineering fields too with great scope in future. You may also add the prefix of engineer with your name after completing these degrees.
Artificial Intelligence
Biomedical Science
Applied Engineering
Computer Science
Computer Hardware Engg
Electronics Engg
Environmental Engg
Industrial Engineering
Manufacturing Engg
Marine Technology
Material Science
Mining Engg
Nuclear or Atomic Engg
Software Engg 
Aeronautical Science
In all above mentioned fields you will have to face very low competition.

2-BE From China
You may also get admission in the BE/BSc Engineering field of your choice in China and many other countries.Before taking admission in any foreign college or university do get NOC from Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).

3-CA or CMA
If you are good in Mathematics then go for CA or CMA. CA is a much better option than CMA.

BBA is a best option for business minded students.

You may easily become a hardware or software engineer through BSCS or BCS degrees. This field has great scope and you can also use the prefix of engineer with your name.

6-BA-LLB (5 Years Program)
If you want to become a judge or successful lawyer then try this option after intermediate, This five years program will help you a lot in understanding the basic concepts of legal field.

BS is a much better option for you than BSc. You will get complete knowledge about your favorite subject in 4 years BS program. After BS you may get admission directly in MS or MPhil program.

8-Biomedical Engineering
FSc Pre Engineering students can also get admission in Biomedical Engineering.

If still you are unable to decide about your future career path then go for BSc degree and chose the subjects very carefully.

10-BSc Hons
Just like BS, BSc Hons is also a 4 years program, which is better option than BSc and BA.

If you have interest in accounting and commerce than B.Com is best option option for you after FSc or A-Level.

12-B.Com IT
B.Com IT is better than simple BCom. It opens more doors of job opportunities for you than BCom or BA specially in private sector.

If you are interested in CSS or PMS then go for BA but chose your elective and optional subjects very carefully. Read our related articles for guidance about different kinds of competitive exams.

Artistic minded students can go for 4 years BFA degree.

15-Last But Not Least
If you had opted the pre engineering subjects in intermediate just due to their scope then now join the field in which you have interest.
We have written detailed articles on career and scope of almost all above mentioned alternative options of BSc or BE Engineering after FSc Pre Engineering & A-Level. Stay in touch with best educational website of Pakistan, its sister website and facebook page. May God bless you in all stages of your career. Ameen.





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