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Amazing Benefits of Dry Fruits (Urdu-English)

Health Benefits of Dry Fruits Like Apricots, Almond, Walnut, Pine Nuts, Pistachio, Cashew & Peanut in English and Urdu Languages

You have probably notice the use of dry fruits in majority of the face masks due to its magical benefits. But can you really add it in your diet plan as well?  As we talk about some benefits of dry fruits for the skin then we always mention about the glowing skin and radiant look. Almonds as well as pistachios are helpful to remove dead skin cells whereas walnuts will prevent the condition of dry skin. 



Fight Against Anemia & Boost Hemoglobin

Prunes and raisins are one of those dry fruits which are extremely rich in iron. They are also beneficial for those people who are suffering from anaemic condition. Dry fruits are also packed with rich amount of Vitamin A as well as certain minerals such as phosphorous and copper. These minerals are responsible to boost the certain regeneration of blood cells as well as haemoglobin in the body. 



Maintain a Good and Healthy Heart 

Raisins also play a major role where it is helpful in lowering the systolic level of blood pressure. This will control the cholesterol as well as reduce inflammatory markers inside the human body. Almonds also contain Vitamin E as well as monounsaturated fatty acids which will stop the sudden spike in the cholesterol levels.



Boost Immunity & Fight Diseases

Dry fruits are loaded with high amount of essential nutrients which makes it healthy enough to fight certain diseases. They will also increase the nutrient intake due to the fact that they are rich in magnesium, calcium, iron and folate. The amount of antioxidants will boost the level of immunity which will keep the body healthy from certain diseases. 



Dry Fruits Help to Fight Against Cancer

You might not be aware of the fact that soaked almonds are extremely helpful when it comes to fighting against the cancer disease. Cashew nuts and almonds are also beneficial when it comes to curtail the breast cancer. 



Phytonutrients which is present in apricots as well as apples will act as antioxidants and often prevent the high growth of certain cancer-causing cells. Nuts such as pistachios will often prevent the high growth of specific tumours especially for the lungs as well as prostate. In addition Brazil nuts as well as walnuts are helpful to fight against the cancer cells inside the body.



Help to Lose Weight 

Those people who add their diet plan with dried fruits and nuts will find it so much effective over the weight loss. As if you will consume it in moderate amount, you will find yourself losing weight very quickly. 



Fight Against Constipation

Dry fruits such as anjeer as well as figs are beneficial for the human body as they are rich in fiber quantity. This fiber content will also ensure the healthy bowel movement. Fiber will also help your body to get removed from all waste smoothly. Various dry fruit which are rich inn fiber are dried apricots and prunes. Plus Pistachios as well as dates will make your bowel much more flexible as well as relieve constipation. Below you may read the details about various dry fruits in Urdu language.


Amazing Benefits of Dry Fruits (Urdu-English)

Amazing Benefits of Dry Fruits (Urdu-English)


Amazing Benefits of Dry Fruits (Urdu-English)


Amazing Benefits of Dry Fruits (Urdu-English)