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Anti Aging Tips, Cream, Medicine, Food, Supplement & Diet Plan

25 Anti Aging Tips- Cream, Medicine, Food Supplement and Diet Plan For Overcoming The Aging Effects  
You may control the effects of your growing age. One can remain fit and young even at the age of 70. Today we shall share 25 anti aging tips with you. If you want to defeat the aging effects then read and follow the given anti aging tips seriously.

1-Use olive oil instead of normal cooking oil.

2-Increase the ratio of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.

3-Avoid using sugar and use honey as alternative of sugar.

4-Add regional seasonal vegetables and fruits in your daily diet plan.

5-Zam Zam water is best anti aging divine product. Its a sacred well in Makkah (Saudi Arabia). Have you noticed that population of Muslims is increasing dramatically. Zam Zam water has great medicinal effects. It can cure all diseases. All the Muslims drink this water. If you are a non Muslim then try the miracles of Zam Zam water.Non Muslims are not allowed to enter in the holy places of the Muslims, but they can buy Zam Zam water from their nearest Islamic center.

Anti Aging Tips, Cream, Medicine, Food, Supplement & Diet Plan

Anti Aging Tips, Cream, Medicine, Food, Supplement & Diet Plan

6-Read books on tib e nabvi and follow the given instructions.

7-Use organic vegetables and fruits, which are cultivated without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

8-Use unbleached whole wheat flour.

9-Fasting is another solution for you. Its too a divine solution for many health problems.

10-Take exercise daily. Muslim should say their prayers regularly with full concentration as no exercise or yoga posture has better effects on human health than Muslim prayer, but never take your prayer as an exercise or a health solution as its your duty to bow before Almighty Allah. In the reward of your sincerity Almighty Allah will bless you. As per a recent survey of news week average age of people who say their prayer regularly is 88 years.

11-You must also think rather believe that you are still young. If you are afraid of old age then no one can help you. Use the art of creative visualization and self hypnotism for changing your mindset.

12-Avoid using poultry products. Use fish, meat and beef alternatively.

13-Never take anti aging supplement and always rely on natural methods for controlling the effects of your growing age.

14-Five Phos 6X is the best anti aging homeopathic medicine for you. Brayta Carb 30 is also successful anti aging homeopathic medicine for everyone. You may add these medicines in any normal cream for making your home made anti aging cream.

15-Eat salad with each lunch and dinner.

16-Balanced diet can also help you in controlling your age. Never use artificial vitamin for making your diet balanced. Vitamin pills are not alternatives of natural food like salad, dry fruit, honey,olive oil, fresh fruit and vegetables.

17-Tension and depression can make you old very early. We have already written following detailed articles on effects of depression on human health;

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18-Always use just herbal masks and skin care creams as creams and masks having chemical and steroids can destroy your outer skin. Side effects of such kits are unrecoverable.

19-You must read this article for learning the stress management tips.In this article we just want to inform you that where there is a problem,there is a solution. You just need to concentrate a bit for finding the solution of your problem. You may find the solution of your problems through concentration, self believing and by giving out put to others.,

20-Increase the ratio of your out put. By out put in mean the acts which you take for others. Helping others can solve all your problems. If you will give voluntarily out put then you will get the reward in the area of interest by nature. In short always remember that God help those who help others.

21-Reduce the use of spices in your food. Use black pepper instead of red pepper.

22-Add Quranic foods in your daily diet plan like fig, olive oil, honey, fish, dates etc.

23-Late Dr Iftikhar Waris (Owner of WS Homeopathy Pharmacy) was my teacher, he had also introduced homeopathic anti aging drops and pills. Our Pakistani visitors can use his anti aging products too.

24-Recitation of Holy Quran especially Surah e Rehman is also very useful for your health related issues.

25-Last but not least we have written detailed articles on various problems of old age in our health category. You must visit it for further reading more articles related to anti aging tips. You may also ask us any question about your individual medical problems, we shall try our level best to guide you personally about anti aging tips . Stay connected with Visit and like official facebook page of our website.