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Anti Corruption Department Jobs 2024, Career, Scope & Preparation Tips

Anti Corruption Department Jobs 2024, Career, Benefits, Scope & Exam Preparation Tips

Corruption has become the biggest social evil of modern times. All the countries of the world have established anti corruption departments to combat this menace. There are basically three anti corruption agencies in Pakistan i.e NAB, FIA and provincial anti corruption departments. NAB and FIA generally deals with corruption in federal departments like Wapda, NBP, Income Tax Department etc, where are provincial anti corruption departments deals with the corruption in provincial departments.


Anti Corruption Department Jobs, Career, Scope & Preparation Tips

Anti Corruption Department Jobs 2024, Career, Scope & Preparation Tips

The Anti corruption Department is a government department tasked with combating corruption. It is headed by a director general. The Anti corruption Department has three divisions: the Detection and Investigation Division (DID), the Enforcement Division (ED), and the Legal Affairs Division (LAD).


The anti corruption department is responsible for enforcing anti corruption laws, investigating corruption, and prosecuting offenders. The department also oversees the administration of anti corruption programs.



Points to Remember

Anti Corruption agencies try to uproot the corruption by investing and persecuting the white collar crimes in the society. Anti corruption department recovers the money from corrupt officials. Anti corruption establishment also launches awareness campaigns to create awareness among masses about the effects of corruption on our country and its economy. This agency is a threat for corrupt official as department has arrested unlimited number of government official for taking bribery, kickbacks and for misuse of their discretionary powers.



Why Apply For Anti Corruption Jobs 2024?

Anti corruption department is the most powerful provincial department. Its officers have more powers than police officers as they can even arrest police officers. Intelligent job seekers prefer anti corruption jobs on all other jobs. This agency will give you authority and job protection. You will also enjoy job satisfaction here.



How To Join Anti Corruption Department? Tips

Its an open secret that pattern and syllabus for all government jobs is similar. i mean to say that you need to get maximum information about general knowledge, current affairs, every day science, Pakistan studies, Mathematics, Islamic studies, Urdu and English languages. Your ultimate aim should be to clear CSS or PMS exams. If you want to get a gazetted job in anti corruption department then you will have to clear PMS exam with good over all position in written test and interview. We have written many articles on PMS exam preparation. During your preparation for CSS and PMS exams you must appear in SI, ASI or other non gazetted jobs too. Remember that non gazetted officer of this department enjoys more power than a gazetted officer of any other department. Clearing the PCS exam is much easier than PMS exam as for majority of non gazetted jobs, you will just have to clear one or two objective type papers. Syllabus for these PCS papers is almost identical to PMS.



Final Words

You must take the help of past papers too. “Who is who and What is What” is the first recommended book for preparation of any PCS objective type paper. You must buy the latest edition of this book for preparation. Remember that its just first book for preparation not the last. We also going to upload this book on our sister website for preparation of all kinds of recruitment tests. Some times students have to appear in second paper of English composition and grammar too. When ever you apply for job in any specific government department, try to get maximum information about the department, its history, structure, working method and related laws. This point is also very important for interview stage too. For guidance about interview preparation read or related articles. Stay in touch with the best career guidance website ( and its facebook page.


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