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Architecture Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Degrees, Nature of Work & Required Skills Nature

Architecture or Architecture Engineering  Introduction, Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Degrees, Tips, Work Nature & Required Abilities

Architecture is one of the oldest science or art of the world. Ancient people constructed such huge buildings which we can not build even now with latest machinery. Architecture is field about designing, planning and construction of buildings and even non building structure. Its a science as well as an art. It is also one of the major discipline of engineering. If you have interest in this field and you want to write your name in history then get admission in Architectural engineering as its the best degree in this field.

Architecture represents the culture of a nation or a country. If you want to preserve the culture of your nation then again its a best option for you. Its an ideal profession/field for creative minded people who can think out of the box. You can design new and unique construction by studying the architecture of different nations and times. If you have creative ideas then even you don’t need any higher degree in Architecture. Its one those fields where your skills matters more than your qualification. Taj Mahal, Pyramids of Egypt, historical buildings and forts were not constructed by architectural engineers,

Architecture Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Degrees, Nature of Work & Required Skills

Architecture Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Degrees, Nature of Work & Required Skills

Required Skills in Architecture or Architecture Engineering Field  
Craze for designing, planning and construction of buildings
Command on field related computer software like computer-aided design (CAD)
Highly creative mind
Project management skills in an analytical, logical way
Leadership and administration ability
Good drawing skills
Excellent communication skills
Problems solving ability
Thinking mind
Good observation skills
Ability to work as team member
Reading habit
Quick decision making skills for dealing with unexpected situations where necessary
Extraordinary aesthetic sense
Good command over geometry
Interest in new technology, old constructions and culture
Ability to create unique new designs
Urge for improving professional skills

What Architect Do?
The make schedule and cost estimation of buildings.
The administer the construction work.
They lead the construction team.
They create design unique designs.
They use information technology for clearing the technical specifications of any structure.
They teach architecture in engineering universities and poly technical colleges.
They guide their subordinates during construction work.
They work in the field of archaeology.

Architecture, Jobs, Career & Scope
They work as architects, landscape architect, architectural technologists, interior and spatial designers.
They work as structural engineers.
Construction companies
Archaeology department
Architecture companies
Jobs in UAE and other Arab countries
Historic buildings conservation department
Building survey department
Housing department
Technical colleges
Journals about architecture
Town planning department
Personal business

Work experience is a very important factor in this field as its a practical field. It is highly recommended for our readers to work as an internee during your studies, even accept internship without any monthly stipend. Your work experience will guarantee your success in future. We also advise you to get practical field experience first. Visit our two best career counseling and educational websites daily for career guidance about different engineering disciplines. Our facebook pages will also impress you.