Astrological & Health Effects of Gemstones (Urdu-English)

Comprehensive Guide on Astrological & Health Effects of Gemstones in Urdu and English 
It is scientifically prove that birth gemstones, they do effect your lives in a positive and also in a negative way. We have seen this trend in the countries of Asian continent that people wear gemstones by keeping in mind their birth times, however, if we talk about the Islamic point of view, then we see no such concept. Islamic scholars just say that one should wear a gemstone by keeping an islamic belief in his mind. Here the readers will track the information that how these gemstones bring an impact on their lives:

Astrological & Health Effects of Gemstones (Urdu-English)


Effects of Different Gemstones

Coral Stone ( Marjaan) Effects
This gemstone will keep you away and safe from the black magic. If you will apply the powder of this gemstone where you are having a bleeding, then the blood will stop to bleed from that body part of yours. This gemstone gives a soothing and relaxing sleeping to those babies who often get scared in the middle of the night. If you face difficulty in terms of your livelihood and bread earning, then wear this stone on your finger and you will see the eradication of problems which are coming across in your livelihood and bread earning path.

Emerald (Zamurd) Effects
If you want to keep up the motivation level in yourself then it is important for you to wear this emerald stone. This stone is a name of romance, if you want to attract someone and like someone, then wear this stone. This stone open doors of opportunities for you, you get jobs and your career life become stronger. This stone also develop self confidence in you. Your speech and language skills get improved if you will start to wear this emerald stone and your memory get boost too.

Turquoise Gemstone ( Feroza) Effects
It is Sunnat to wear this stone, you will feel lot more relaxation and peace while wearing this feroza stone. Moreover, no anger will come in your body and you will feel pleasant. You develop the potential to fight back with your enemies and you no longer feel scared.

Blue Sapphire ( Neelam) Effects
This gemstone improve your wealth, makes your mentally and too physically stronger. You will stay away from the poverty situation, it can cure your heart problem, cancer issue.

Quartz ( Aqeeq) Effects
It keeps you completely safe from the black magic as well as from the evil eye.

Opal Effects
If one wants to do love marriage, then wear this stone and see the result.

Pearl Stone Effects
All misunderstandings, differences are removed by this pearl stone. The person remain cool and happy. If you are a fighting couple, then wear this stone.

Cat’s Eyes Gemstone Effects
To avoid black and evil magic on you, this is the best stone for you.

Ruby Gemstone Effects
Your competitive spirit gets increased, you fight with the difficult times by wearing this stone.

More of the details on the effects of gemstones will be shared.

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Astrological & Health Effects of Gemstones (Urdu-English)

Astrological & Health Effects of Gemstones (Urdu-English)

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