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Astronomy Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope & Branches

Astronomy/Cosmology Introduction, Jobs, Career, Scope & Areas of Specialization  
Astronomers are the scientists of nature and universe they study celestial objects (like stars, nebulae, galaxies, planets, moons comets, asteroids) space, and the physical universe as a whole.

NASA is the biggest organisation in the world which is working on exploring our universe (unfold realities of astronomy). In Pakistan SUPARCO (Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission) is doing the same function. Few years before there was a very limited scope of Astronomy in Pakistan but after our speedy progress in missile program, we are also going to enter in the space era. Believe me that the day is not far when our rockets and space shuttles will land on moon. We have advanced in this field a lot but due to some confidential reasons we are not disclosing our real ability on world.

Astronomy Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope & Branches

Astronomy Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope & Branches


Students who will opt this subject at this specific period of time will get lot of job opportunities in near future even their own beloved country. Muslim Arab scientists were the real founder of Astronomy. This subject is our heritage. Quran e Pak has emphasized on the study of universe for lot of times. So in this sense this subject has religious importance for us too.

Till now we have discovered about 10% laws of universe. There is lot more to explore for us for the benefit of human kind like realities about black holes, aliens, time, permanent settlement of humans on moon and other planets. You will get many clues from Holy Quran about your research, so Astronomy students should try to read the Holy Quran with translation for getting out the box ideas for their research topics.

After Einstein, Stephen Hawking was the biggest cosmologist and astronomer of last century. You must try to read and understand all the theories of both these scientists. Stephen Hawking has already announced that future of human race is associated with research in Cosmology as according to him within next 1000 years human beings will have to shift on any other planet for their survival. He has also announced prize money of 100 millions US dollars for that cosmologist or astronomer who will discover any alien in the universe. You can too win this huge prize.

Branches and Areas of Specialization
Galactic astronomy
Optical astronomy
Extragalactic astronomy
Planetary Science
Stellar astronomy
Cosmic ray astronomy
Plasma astrophysics
Compact objects
Physical cosmology
Atmospheric science
Planetary rings
Infrared astronomy
High energy astrophysics
Solar physics
Submillimetre astronomy
Interstellar astrophysics
Planetary interiors
Relativistic astrophysics
Ultraviolet astronomy
Planetary formation
Gravitational wave astronomy
Small Solar System bodies
Neutrino astronomy
Gamma-ray astronomy
X-ray astronomy
Planetary surfaces
Radio astronomy

Jobs, Career & Scope
Writer of International Scientific Journals
Jobs in local astronomical institutions
Jobs in NASA
Jobs in international astronomical institutions
We recommended you to go for at least for post graduation degree for better employment opportunities in astronomical institutions. You will have to go abroad for MPhil and PhD level degree in this subject for your bright future.

Difference Between Astronomy and Astrology
There is no connection between these too subjects. As Astrology is all about fortune telling and its 100% a fraud art. No one can know about the future except Almighty Allah.