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Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) Eligibility, Jobs, Career & Scope

Bachelor in Education BEd Eligibility, Specialization, Subjects, Jobs, Career & Scope
Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) is a professional degree and most recommended degree for government job seekers. Education department recruits large number of educators, subject specialists and school teachers every year. B.Ed degree is required for all these posts. This degree will increase employ ability chances for you also in private sector as private schools and college prefer to recruit trained teachers. Trained teachers are given better salary than untrained teachers in private educational institutes. Education is a ever booming business in the whole world. I personally recommend all my graduate sisters to get admission in B.Ed as in our social atmosphere teaching is considered the most suited job for females.

Bachelor in Education BEd Eligibility, Specialization, Subjects, Jobs, Career & Scope

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) Eligibility, Jobs, Career & Scope

Bachelor in Education (B.Ed) is one year program after graduation in any stream of study. Distance learning universities like AIOU offers this program in two years. Now four year BEd (Hons) program has also been launched in Pakistan which is best option for those students who have decided to join teaching line. This degree equips you with all latest teaching techniques. Educational psychology subject is also taught to let you introduce with the psychology of students. Different specializations are also offered. You must opt specialization as per your attitude and subjects in previous classes. If you will opt specialization in any local subject which is taught only in Pakistan, it will reduce future scope for you. So take this decision carefully.

B.Ed Subjects
Syllabus of Bachelor of Education varies from university to university. You can view the syllabus on the official websites of different universities.

Eligibility Criteria For Admission in B.Ed (Hons) & Associate Degree
Candidates must have completed 14 years of education in any stream with at least 45% marks. For 4 years  BEd (Hons) student must have passed intermediate exam with minimum second division.

Why Study Bachelor in Education?
Simple Bachelor or Master degrees are not considered professional degrees as majority of these degrees do not prepare you for any specific profession. B.Ed degree turned you into a trained teacher or educationist in just one year. If you will see the list of preferred profession for foreign immigration, you will see that trained teachers are also included in that list.

Teaching is the most sacred and respectful profession. It gives you job satisfaction more than any other profession. Job security, career growth opportunities, good income, long summer and winter holidays make this profession attractive for every one. Teachers play the role of agent of change in a society. They build the future of nation by producing ideal and professional human beings.

B.Ed Bachelor of Education Career & Scope
Scope of Bachelor of Education is even wider than Master in any non-professional subject. Teaching is not only the single career option for Bachelor of Education degree holders. They can get jobs in many other related fields too like, publishing houses, education consultancies, career consultancies, study abroad agencies, newspapers, education department, educational websites. They may also start their own business like home tutor providers, schools, coaching centers, online tutoring, publishing etc.
B.Ed Jobs
Home Tutor
Study abroad consultant
Career Counselor
Tuition teacher
Educational journalist
Free lance writer
Private school teacher
Subject Specialist
A good teacher can earn more than a businessman. Now a days parents are in search of talented teacher for their children and they are ready to pay any fee to such teachers. So if you enter in this profession take it seriously and continue to study further. M.Ed is the next recommended degree for you.  Also improve your qualification in your specific field of specialization. Get at least Master degree in that field. MPhil is also recommended. Visit and its facebook page frequently, if you really want to read some thing excited and extremely helpful daily.